What are 20 things that are not worth it?

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Muhammad Zeeshan
- Aug 06, 2019 12:33 PM

1. Complaining

It accomplishes nothing, makes you dumber (no, seriously), and annoys everyone in your vicinity. If you don’t have something positive to say, don’t say anything.

2. Taking a Career Just For the Money

There are millions of ways to make cash. Taking a job, starting a business, or pursuing a career path just to make money is a waste of time that you will ultimately regret. Do something you genuinely enjoy. There’s more to work than just money.

3. Settling in a Relationship Because You’re Scared to Be Single

Setting in a relationship is far worse than being single. Period. The wrong person will ruin your life and drag you down.

4. (Most) Drugs

I’m not saying you can’t smoke a little pot, do psychedelics, or try out a party drug with friends. But opiates, hard drugs, and most stimulants are dangerous as hell and do nothing to improve your life. Just say no.

5. Unprotected Sex

Do I really need to justify this with a description?

6. Giving Up TV to Become “Successful”

Some of the most successful people I know watch TV daily. Don’t buy into the hype that you have to give up Game of Thrones or Silicon Valley in order to be successful.

7. Going to College Just To Get a Degree

College is great… If you have a specific need for a degree (e.g. Tech, law, medicine etc). But going to college to get a degree that you’ll “fall back” on is a waste of time. Spend 4 years mastering a marketable skill and apprenticing under someone who’s made millions with it. I promise you’ll come out ahead.

8. Starting a Business (for most people)

Entrepreneurship can really suck. You’re never “off”. You have to deal with dozens of employees. You have more stress than most people know what to do with. You can make just as much money as a COO or freelancer. Don’t start a business unless you’re wired like I am and feel like you have no other choice.

9. Working 80 Hours a Week

It’s better to become successful slowly and enjoy the ride than it is to burn yourself out working crazy hours. Most studies show that you’ll be more productive by working fewer than 60 hours anyway.

10. Waking Up Early

Unless you’re a natural early bird, don’t feel like you have to wake up at the butt crack of dawn to be successful. You don’t.

11. Porn

If you want to watch a porno with your partner or as an occasional release, I won’t hold it against you. But if you’re watching other people screw for 2 hours a day, it needs to stop and it needs to stop now.

12. Reading Too Many Business Books

Most of them are a waste of time. Spend time with successful business people and opt to read biographies or books about science, history, and fiction. 90% of business books are a waste of time.

13. Spending Time With Sh*tty People

Seriously. Just don’t do it. They will drag you down, stunt your growth, and make your life miserable. I don’t care how long you’ve known someone. No one deserves a place in your life simply because you’ve been friends for a while.

14. Giving Up Your Favorite Vices Completely

Look, I’m all for healthy living. But if you enjoy a bourbon, cigar, or sugary treat, don’t deny yourself completely. Everything in moderation even moderation.

15. Watching the News

It has NOTHING to do with real-world events. It’s just hyped up b.s. designed to drive views. Don’t bother with it.

16. Watching “Reality” Television

It kills your brain cells and makes you a less interesting human being. Watch high-quality tv and skip “Keeping up with the Kardashians”.

17. Most Supplements

Some are great (namely: vitamin d3, omega 3, magnesium, zinc, and b vitamins) most aren’t. Focus 80% of your efforts and time on eating well and living healthy. Only supplement once you’ve got the rest of the pieces dialed in.

18. Social Media

It makes you more depressed and rarely allows you to connect with other people in a meaningful way. If you use it for business, that’s fine. Just avoid overusing it.

19. Payback

Success is the greatest revenge. Never waste your time trying to get even with someone who hurt you.

20. Arguing About Religion or Politics

It accomplishes nothing and pisses everyone off. Just don’t waste your time.

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