5 Most Essential Accessories for a Contemporary Home

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9 Home Decor Essentials Every Home Should Have

If you’ve been a homeowner or apartment dweller for any length of time, then you probably have those go-to accessories that make you feel at home. I always love seeing what others are using in their spaces and often get loads of inspiration from it. So today, I thought I’d share my 9 home decor essentials I think every home should have.9 home decor essentials for every style and taste | home decor | home design |

While I’m not often carried away by ‘shoulds’ and ‘shouldn’ts’ in home decor – I’ll leave that to others to hash out – I must admit, there are certain accessories I turn to again and again to create a comfy and welcoming space. Like magic, I’ve come to rely on them to transform my home. While this certainly is not my definitive list, it does capture those accessories that I use most often to create a comfortable home.

So here they are, in no particular order:

9 Home Decor Essentials Every Home Should Have

1.  Decorative Pillows

Probably the #1 home decor accessory that I rely on to create a cozy feel in my home is the almighty throw pillow! I simply love how a pillow can instantly make a space feel styled and comfortable.

Freshen up your Spring decor with throw pillows.

Both practical and pretty, decorative pillows can be placed on chairs and sofas, in baskets, and on benches to add that wow factor. Whether they’re bright and bold, or subdued and neutral, decorative pillows are a must in creating a stylish, comfortable space – both indoors and out.

patio styling

  • For tips on styling your home using throw pillows, see How Throw Pillows & Blankets Can Make Your Space Look Better Instantly.
  • To find inexpensive pillow covers online, check out these 10 Geometric Print Pillow Covers For Under $10.

2.  Throw Blankets

Like decorative pillows, throw blankets are one of my go-to accessories.

Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas - pillows and throws

Whether you place them on a sofa, a chair, or in a basket you can style them several ways to suit your home aesthetic. Folded, draped or hanging, you can place throw blankets over the arm of a sofa or armchair, on the back of any seating, on a bench, on the end of a bed, hanging over the side of a basket or on the rung of a storage ladder.

throw blankets

The practicality of a throw blanket and the overall warmth it evokes, makes it – in my opinion – a classic accessory for the home.

  • To see my styling tips, check out 3 Steps To Styling A Sofa.

3.  Small Rugs & Mats

One of the most overlooked, but arguably essential, home accessories is a small rug. While most of us spend an inordinate amount of time looking for the perfect area rug for our living room or bedroom (trust me, I’ve been there), I think small rugs and mats are as much a part of creating a well-styled space as any other accessory.

chunky jute rug for under $40


Whether its a simple welcome mat at the front door, a small rug in a mudroom or entryway, or a stylish bath mat, these small textiles underfoot create an understated level of comfort that is often underutilized. It’s this extra layer that adds dimension and visual interest – both essential to creating a welcoming space.

  • See some of my top picks under $55 (USD) here: Modern Summer Textiles for Under $55.

4.  Fluffy, White Bathroom Towels

After experimenting with patterns and colours in my bathroom towels, I’ve come to realize just how classic – and essential – white bathroom towels really are.

white, fluffy towels

Whether hanging up, rolled, or folded as part of a display, white towels can create a cozy, even luxurious hotel-feel, in your bathroom. While not quite your typical decor ‘accessory,’ a fluffy white towel can actually be used to style a bathroom in a significant way. It is clean and crisp and makes a big statement all on its own.

5.  Vases or Bowls

Everyone has at least one vase or bowl in their home. Whether you’re displaying flowers or need a place to store produce, vases and bowls are classic accessories that never go out of style.

Spring flowers to brighten your home.

white bowl with pinecones

And there are so many materials to choose from, whether its glass, clay, wood, or seagrass, and just as many styles from modern to boho, and vintage to farmhouse. Vases and bowls make exceptional choices when it comes to styling coffee tables, dining tables, buffets, credenzas, consoles, and more.

Get inspired for fall with this bold and modern rustic foyer. Plenty of ideas and styling tips for anyone looking for a contemporary twist on fall.

Check out these simple styling tips and inspiration posts that utilize vases and bowls:

  • How To Style A Buffet Table In 3 Easy Steps
  • Simple Dining Room Spring Vignettes
  • 5 Creative Ways To Integrate Flowers In Your Home

6.  Wall Art(s)

Art is definitely in the eye of the beholder. As for me, I like things a little off the beaten path. Like jewelry for your your walls, you can never be too creative when it comes to styling this prime real estate in your home.



Whether you like traditional prints, oil or acrylic on canvas, or something a little more boho or modern like macrame, wall weavings, tapestries, mobiles, or display cubbies, wall decor is a must in creating a stylish home. Here are just a few of my favourite ways I’ve styled our walls over the years:

Get inspired for fall with this bold and modern rustic foyer. Plenty of ideas and styling tips for anyone looking for a contemporary twist on fall.

Add a touch of whimsy to your walls with these modern DIY clay and wood bead mobiles (using polymer clay).

Fresh fall pinecone decor ideas | DIY

DIY woven wall hanging on driftwood hanger.

  • For more alternative wall art ideas, see 8 Wall Decor Ideas.

For my favourite DIY wall art ideas, you can check out these tutorials:

  • Modern DIY Clay & Wood Bead Mobiles
  • Wall Weaving Basics for Absolute Beginners
  • DIY Mini Macrame Wall Hanging
  • DIY Cubby Wall Display

7.  Mirrors

Like wall art, mirrors similarly help complete the look of any space. Practical and beautiful, mirrors can transform the feel of an entry, a hallway, a bathroom or a bedroom depending on its shape (round or square), frame (metal or wood), size (small or large) and has the added advantage of bringing in more light into a room.

Buffet Table - Oversized Mirrori

Modern rustic style foyer with decorative mirrors.

  • For more style ideas, check out my Pinterest Board “Mirror, Mirror On the Wall.”

8.  Books or Magazines

Books and magazines are one of my favourite ways to accessorize. They are a great way to bring personality into a space and with the added benefit of being inexpensive (well, most of the time!). Whether new or vintage, they bring a lot of style and a familiar feeling of comfort that we all look for in our homes.

Take a tour of this fresh & cozy living room decked out for fall.

Stack them, lean them, or show off your prized accessories on top of them. No matter how you display them, books will never go out of style – no matter how much technology we bring into the house ?

Coffee Table Decorating, 5 Ways - aprettyfix.com

Cozy Winter Decorating Ideas - books and magazines

  • To see some stylish book topper ideas, can check out 12 Book Topper Ideas To Up Your Home’s Style.

9.  Greenery or Flowers

Real or artificial, plants and natural green elements breathe life into a space.

simple spring vignettes with touches of greenery

Bringing the outdoors in helps us feel more relaxed and connected to nature. Real plants also have the added advantage of cleaning the air which can often hold toxins, especially after a long, cold winter. So, open those windows, let the clean air in, and add some greenery or flowers to your home.

5 Simple & Creative Ways To Integrate Flowers In Your Home

I have written extensively on the use of flowers and greenery in the home on the blog. Here are just a few of my favourite posts:

  • 5 Creative Ways To Integrate Flowers In Your Home
  • Simple Dining Room Spring Vignettes
  • How To Make A Floral Crowned Deer Head
  • DIY (Faux) Wildflower Wreath
  • Pretty Vintage DIY Floral Wreath

These are my go-to’s for creating a cozy, comfy space and I know you must have your favourites, too. All in all, I’ve found these to be a great way to transform our builder-basic house into a cozy, welcoming home.





While aesthetics are a matter of personal taste, there are just some home decor essentials that a stylish & comfortable home should never be without. Here is a list of 9 home decor essentials every home should have.

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