Agile Software Development: What is the best format for a stand-up meeting?

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  1. Originally Answered: Agile Software Development: What is the best Format for a Stand-Up Meeting?
    First, it is very crucial that stand up meetings do not last more than 15 min (short duration) . Everyone can share necessary updates without elaborating on details. (highly focused scope).

    Team members need to focus on three main points:

    What did you do since yesterday?
    What will you do today?
    Anything blocking your progress?

    Note: Geekbot adds the How do you feel today? question
    With AI language analysis it tracks team morale on a daily basis, analyzing natural language responses, so you know when to step in should the workload get too much

    The purpose of the standup is to get into a productive day of work and to make sure everyone is on the same page.

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