Am I abnormal if I attracted to my own aunt?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 13, 2020 05:02 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 13, 2020 05:02 AM

I was in the same situation as yours and this was the aftermath of my mistake

It happened when I was studying in 12th

I had a crush on my aunt (uncles Wife) she seemed to cooperate (or ignored maybe ) to all the pity sexual advances I had made to her

I have seen her naked (night dress moved up to thighs revealing inside ) once when I switched on the light when she was staying in my home i was even tempted to touch it however i didn’t lucky me and that screenshot of her lying revealing her temple was deeply engraved in my mind and i doubted that she seemed to aware that I have seen her private things as i left to the bathroom in that room and reduced my arousal when i returned from there she asked oh is that u the one switched on the light before 10 minutes ….(Facepalm)..that incident never forgets as I rewind the scene when needed…..

biggest mistake happened when I was staying in our ancestral house I was preparing my record late night and she seated beside me after a long chit chat even I mentioned abt her stay in my house as to help her recall she was nude in front of my preying eyes I deliberately touched her groin area as pretending to show some news in paper I was aroused and she seems to look that bulge with her spying eyes after some time she went to her room to sleep and didn’t closed the door that seemed as a signal to me

That night devil in me forced to ask her for SEX and I did it….OMG… by going to her room and she refuced and threw me out of her Room …… I was also trembled upon the guilty feeling and Fear and this made the relation with her ruined ….

one Mistake I still Regrets even after 20 plus years it happened

Ps : Relation with her is now Normal but not a word has been mentioned by us on that incident

Thanks to her for saving my life as it was on her hands on that day for not making a scene and let everybody know my misbehavior and it may had lead to even a suicide….but god knows if she had disclosed the incident or not to someone

it was an eye opener to me I never again tried to woo women after that

I feels Sorry for her ….. I want to sincerely apologize to her but don’t have courage to do so ..

Please help me to find a way for that through comments

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