Are Iranians leaving Islam?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 18, 2020 05:08 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 18, 2020 05:08 AM

I had a discussion about this very topic uncannily this afternoon with an Iranian man.

Persia was conquered at the point of the sword as were many countries that are now Islamic, however there are some countries that were not conquered this way. As you probably know, Iran is predominantly Shia and the Sunnis dont even consider them Muslims primarily because of the belief that Shias worship saints and ancestors which is considered shirk.

The fact that their civilization came to an end swiftly by enormous force and by a bunch of desert dwelling simpletons is a source of great resentment among many Iranians. Thats why they dont get along. Remove Islam and Iranians and Arabs have nothing in common.

Iranians for the most part dislike Arabs, though Mohammed was an Arab and the Koran was revealed to him and in Arabic exempts him , and he is considered above tribe and tongue.Ergo the relationship between Turks and Arabs.

This gentleman was more proud of his country’s pre-Islamic achievements , in fact his son’s name wasn’t even Islamic but one from the time when Persia was a truly great Asian power.

Another thing, I found a sense of culture, calmness and softness in his demeanor that I am yet to see in a typical Sunni Muslim. A sense of fairness and justice is very common in many Iranians.

Finally about leaving Islam, I doubt they can ever leave Islam, however they most likely just stop practicing. After all with a fundamentalist political and religious structure it’s just not worth publicly declaring apostasy, rather they’d keep it privately. Thats what he said.

They had a great civilization before Islam, not many nations can claim that.

Now conversely Somalia was never conquered by the sword and its inhabitants voluntarily accepted Islam, the fact that once upon a time Somalis were scholars of Islam and looked up to even by Turks and Arab Muslims is a matter of pride, ever since the experiment of democracy failed , Somalis have been relegated to the pits in the Islamic world. Their whole identity is Islam and without it they’re nothing, therefore they’d never leave Islam.

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