Are Pakistani Hindus proud of their country?


Are Pakistani Hindus proud of their country?

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  1. Story of Pakistani Hindu soldier who died fighting.

    The story of a young Hindu man who joined the Pakistan Army and was killed in the line of duty earlier this month has gone viral on social media.

    Lance Naik Lal Chand Rabari, 27, was an emotional young man who breathed his last while serving on the Mangla front near Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. While he died on active duty, the exact circumstances of his death could not immediately be ascertained.

    Lal Chand, a resident of Ismail Khan Nautkani village in Badin district of Sindh province, was the fifth of 11 children of a poor shepherd father and a farmer mother. Bhemon Rabari, his elder brother, said Lal Chand earlier served in the Waziristan tribal region, where he desired to crush militants who had caused damage and inflicted losses on the country.

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