Are Phillipine women good to marry if you are an American?

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  1. Originally Answered: Are Phillipines women good to marry if you are anerican?
    Some are some aren’t.

    You have to understand the Philippines may be physically small but it still has a relatively large and diverse population.

    On the plus side, they are generally a happy, fun loving people with good senses of humor. The women consider cleanliness to be very important. They are a predominantly catholic country and hold a view that family is very important and divorce is not an option. Filipinas may also have put up with a lot of crap from the men there who consider infidelity to be a national sport and as its generally a very machismo oriented place their male family members or exes may have been less than happy to help around the house or respect their opinions. This may make them especially appreciative of a guy who has more progressive views and treats them the way we perceive to be the proper way to treat a woman in the West, not that every guy here does…

    On the negative side there is A LOT of serious poverty there and while that may allow you to date some very beautiful Filipinas who may truly appreciate what you can do for her and she may really love you for it, you may also find the motivation to better her station can have negative consequences as well. You might find your new wife was a sex worker, she might have a hardened heart and serious baggage and be an expert manipulator of men. *she might think nothing of marrying you and still sleeping around because sex has no real meaning and is just a commodity she can use to get things from not only you but other men behind your back. She might enter a sham marriage with you for a green card then leave you for another as soon as she gets the chance to jump at a better financial prospect or a younger, taller, better looking guy now that she got what she needed from you, green card and half your assets.

    My uncle is married to a great Filipina woman. She’s cute, fun, has him totally wrapped around her finger, but she takes great care of him and they have 2 kids and by all accounts its a good marriage and the entire family loves her. But I’ve also heard some really bad stories. I dated a nurse from the Philz here in the USA for a while and she was a very sweet girl. We only split up after I moved for work.

    Just do your homework, go into anything with open eyes. As long as its a real marriage for all the right reasons, then I’m sure a woman from the Philippines can make an exceptional wife and life partner for an American guy.

  2. I really dislike this kind of question. The thing about this question is that by even asking it, you are indicating that you view women as commodities, rather than as people. There is no right or wrong answer…. it depends on the purpose of asking and if you looked inward. Benefit of the doubt, though. I assume that you are engaged and asking about cultural differences.

    My wife is Filipina. My son is Filipino.

    Guess what?

    They are individuals. They have feelings, hopes, and desires just like anyone else. Yes, they love like anyone else. Yes, there are things that make them happy. And there are things that make them sad.

    I’ve seen dozens of guys come to the Philippines looking for wives. I’ve also heard all of the pure bullshit, too:

    1. Filipinas like older men.

    2. Filipinas like guys who are fat.

    3. Filipinas are subservient.

    4. I don’t like American women (“Really? Was your mother / sister American?”)

    5. I’m a walking ATM.

    6. AND, one that really irritates me: “This is MY Filipina!” (Really? She’s your pet? Get a damn dog instead)

    7. She only wanted a green card

    8. I’m supporting her whole family

    Blah, blah, blah….

    Honestly, there are shitloads of guys who show up in Manila after meeting some girl on the Internet, and are ready to get married (I once had business at the embassy and saw one guy about 70 years old who had never left the USA, sold everything, and was getting married to some girl he met only on the net and never in person, the first day after he arrived in Manila. Along with moving there permanently. SHEESH!) . Or, they come to Manila, and fall in love with the first GRO they f*ck. These guys are the ones who end up bitter, crying about how they lost their money, or bitching on the web on sites like dragonladies.

    Now, assuming you are not one of these boneheads….

    It is like any other marriage. You will have ups and downs. You will argue. you will have makeup sex. You will love each other, dislike each other at time.


    Add in a ton of cultural differences.

    These may not seem significant, but they can be important. Magnify the differences if she grew up one of the millions of poor people in the country and not part of one of the wealthy, elite families.

    In general, in the Philippines:

    1. Religion is important. The country is roughly 80% Catholic, 10% Protestant, 5% Muslim, and 5% “other”. The vast majority of the population is pretty devout. If you hate Catholics or the church, or are an atheist, expect problems.(I’ve met a few guys who go on and on about the catholic church and wonder why they chose one of the most devoutly catholic countries in the world)

    2. There are huge differences in life experience between the wealthy and the poor.

    3. Family is generally the most important thing in most Filipinos lives. There are cultural obligations to financially assist relatives who are not as well off. These obligations can be significant. Age makes a difference. A woman’s Kuya or Ate will have a big influence on their lives. Likewise, the opinions of godparents (ninongs).

    4. Filipinos who do not live in the USA or West often have trouble traveling without visas. This means that many people are not nearly as well traveled and have less experience in the world. That said, nearly every family has at least one relative working abroad.

    5. Patriotism is different. There are some people who are highly nationalist, but most people’s loyalty and thinking tends to be more regional or provincial in nature. There are cultural differences between Ilocanos in the North, Tagalogs, and people in Mindanao.

    6. Money and wealth are often viewed very differently.

    7. There is still a lot of sexism in the culture. There are often many petty jealousies in relationships because of this.

  3. If you are talking about a woman who grew up in the philippines and has her whole family over there and you don’t speak their language, then I would suggest that you stay away. You don’t have a clue as to what you are getting yourself into.

    Basically, if you are asking the question, you shouldn’t be considering.

    The divorce rate of married men and asian women from Asia is fairly high. I know a number that have ended in divorce. You don’t know the language, culture, etc. Stay away.

  4. She is, only if she has all the quality you’re looking for in a wife.
    They are individuals. Do not depend on pre-conceived stereotypes. Dig deeper & meet them in person. Be observant.

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