Are Spanish people genetically related to Arabs via the Moors?

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  1. Genetic tests show that with the exception of the Basques the population of the Iberian Peninsular have more genes in common Sephardic Jews and North Africans than populations north of the Pyrenees.
    This isn’t due to the Islamic conquest of Spaian. The conquest introduced and relatively peaceful, but ultimate racially stratified society. Spaniards converted to Islam, but rarely intermarried with the Arab elite and North African soldiers.
    Ironically it was the reconquest and the expulsion of Jews and Moors from Spain after the reconquest of Spain and Portugal that forced those who stayed to convert to Christianity and mix with the rest of the population. It was the attempts to purify Spain that caused the genetic make up of the peninsular to be dirtied

    The words in italics represent the opinions of the Catholic elite at the time not my own

    So, to answer you question, the Spanish have more genes in common north Africans than northern Europeans, not the Arab peoples. Anyway the genetic make up of modern Arabs themselves has diverged since the Islamic invasion of the Iberian Peninsular

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