Are there any Pakistani Hindus serving the Pakistan Army?

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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 08, 2020 05:01 AM

Originally Answered: Why does the Pakistan Army have no Hindu officers?
Meet Major Dr. Kelash Garvada from Tharparkar, Sindh.

He did his MBBS from LUHMS Jamshoro, Hyd and later he got commission in Pakistan army.

He was in Army medical corps serving as a Captain and now is promoted as major in the Ministry of Defence.

He is the 1st Hindu Officer who was selected for Emergency medicine course in university hospital Birmingham. He had the honor to serve civilian populace (in term of free medical camps) in remote areas of Pakistan which include, Tharparkar, Kashmir, Gilgitbiltstan, Hunza valley.

He carried out an active operation (Op – Almeezan) in Orakzai Agency Waziristan and actively participated in operation Rahe-Nijat in Swat, deployed at worlds biggest horse farmhouse Remount depot mona in central Punjab and Quetta.

His Achievements:

– He received Tamaga-e-Dafa (A Siachen Medal) for staying 36 days at world highest post saddle, in Baltoro sector near k2 of around 22,000ft
– He received Tamga-e-Baqa.
– He received Tamga-e-Azam for fighting against terrorism.
– He served in the UN peace mission in Sudan as staff Officer of SPAO (as a Senior Pakistani Army Officer) presented a study on Indus valley civilization and received UN medal.

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