Are too many people becoming programmers?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 10, 2020 05:18 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 10, 2020 05:18 AM


I run an ed-tech startup and i also coach students, quite often i find that there are too many students who want to turn into “programmers” but the problem is they don’t actually understand what programming is. For most of them it is writing code to make something, which is, i would say the most basic and also the best definition. But there is more to programming than just writing code, its a form of Art combined with logic and engineering. Bringing it altogether is quite difficult, in current times there are too many parameters to consider, Front-end, User interface, User Experience, Researching on the target audience, SEO, code optimization, understanding infrastructure choice and its economic advantage to the company, back-end choice, code scalability, reliability, security, project structure, etc.

The students don’t get this, probably because they haven’t worked but also their idea to jumpstart earning money by developing apps or websites immediately is whats going to fail them. Coding is easy, writing code isn’t a big deal. But Programming on the other hand takes years of practice, constant exposure to tech trends and observations about economics, tech trends, language growth ratio, reasoning.

Programming requires practice almost everyday, you have to be comfortable with your keyboard, you have to understand your machine, its capacity, its behavior under stress, how tweaking your machine can accelerate its performance. Too many people don’t do this. Their idea of programmer is limited to earning good money and holding the title “Programmer”.

Even though alot of people are trying to code(which is a good thing) not all of them can turn into programmers, Programming becomes a way of life which carries its disadvantages late night working, being in the now, being uncomfortable, being determined to make something. Over time people lose their drive and they fail.

Have been Programming for good number of years now, being a Programmer i would say that we haven’t done a good job in conveying our work to the crowd.

I hope this answer helps. Feel free to question or criticize.

Cheers Mate!

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