Are you glad where you live if you get locked down because of the corona virus?

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  1. I mean, we can try! It may serve as a good test run for the time when the “real thing that really kills” rolls in.

    But you cannot lock down an entire country. That is nonsense. Here in Switzerland we are in “lockdown” – but not even the Chinese would be able to keep the Swiss inside on a bright sunny and warm March day.

    I mean, we can try!

    It is certainly calmer, and a few weeks of respite comes handy for most of us. And yes, we need to protect the health care system from becoming overrun by very ill elderly patients with severe cases of coronavirus infection. The whole deal of doing this “social distancing” ist to slow the rise of the wave and to make it less “tsunami-like” Instead of getting 100′000 cases in 2 weeks, we might get 20′000 cases in 2 months, something barely manageable with 1200 hospital beds and activating the army medical battalions as they have already done, just in case.

    So we all pitch in and see how this plays out. It’s not that hard. There has to be a balance between keeping people from infecting each other and keeping conditions bearable for the people for the amount of time needed. What we certainly don’t need is people going crazy and becoming suicidal, which is an issue here in Switzerland even without any added stress.

    However, in my humble opinion, it would have been easier to curfew ALL pensioners above age 65 and all people with chronic diseases and keeping them out of trains and buses and stores. This group is by far the most vulnerable to this COVID-19 virus. We need to keep this population segment from catching this bug. At least, they are finally warning the elderly to stay inside as much as possible and not organizing hiking tours. They should be much more bluntly. Tell them that they look at the prospect to get intubated in a cot placed in the city gym instead of in a comfy hospital.

    The remainder (about 80%) can get sick, but seldom even needs medical care. After all, the economically active part of this population segment is expected to work – and more than enough need to go out to do that work – otherwise power plants go idle, stores will be clean in 2 days and there will be no police, sewers clog and whatnot.

    So we could have just left out all this lockdown , schools, events, tourism facilities and restricting access to restaurants and stores. Right now, some large grocery stores are a carnival, too many people either standing in line or milling around inside. Grocery stores are open in Italy, Spain and they were also open in Wuhan to my knowledge.

    Home-office is quite efficient, it truly has cut down rider numbers in trains.

    But maybe it would take just too long until a large share of the not-vulnerable population goes through the infection, maybe a full year.

    So maybe, just maybe, the experts in the Health Agencies and the government is doing the right thing!

    After all – at least here in Switzerland – they are footing the bill. But for the future, we will have to look into our age pyramid. A country with over 20% pensioners is not viable in the long run, I was completely unaware of this, so something good is coming out of this. If anything goes off – and there is a lot out there that could go wrong – and not even Switzerland can afford to care for so many old folks who are also often medically dependent. What would happen to 1.5 million old folks in a monthlong heat-wave with most homes having no A/C?

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