As a doctor/nurse, what’s the dirtiest thing a patient has done?

Mudassir Ali 10 months 1 Answer 166 views

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  1. I entered a two bed room in a hospital. I was near the foot of the first bed, and there was a curtain pulled most of the way closed between the two beds, but I could see the end of the second bed. As I stood there, going about my business, I noticed a cloud of smoke over the end of the second bed. I immediately thought possible fire. I rushed over, and there was a lady, laying on the bed, on her back, stark naked, legs spread very wide, feet up in the air, exposing all of her private area, and she was shaking a massive amount of talcum powder on her vaginal area. Why she was stark naked, with the curtain open, making such a cloud of talcum powder, I never knew. I didn’t ask, I just immediately turned around and left the room.

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