As a doctor or nurse, what were the creepiest last words you’ve heard from a patient right before the patient died?

Mudassir Ali
Jan 22, 2020 09:01 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 22, 2020 09:01 AM

I have never had this happen in front of me, but I have read with interest stories like yours of patients who know they are going to die.When I was first learning EMS Dispatch, we had an instructor who told us many stories. One of the things he taught us was this: every once in awhile, someone will call and they will say straight out that they think they’re dying. Take it very seriously. They are not hysterical, they aren’t drama queens, they are telling you straight out that they know they are about to die.He went on to give us several examples. People who feel an impending sense of doom like a black fog is descending upon them and it comes with darkness and despair so incredible as to leave the person bereft of all hope and overcome by an all consuming fear. He had never met anyone who had this feeling and survived it. He also said he had never met anyone who told this kind of story that felt peaceful either.I know its very spooky and unsettling, but I guess some people just have a precognition of their own death and can actually feel it coming for them. Sometimes I cry when I think about it.

I did have one paramedic who told me a story of a lady, one of their regulars who lived near the firehouse. She would always bake them cookies because she would somehow know ahead of time when she was going to need to call them. Now, I know anyone can bake cookies and then call the paramedics thereby fulfilling their own prophecy. That is not what would happen.She had a heart condition and a defibrillator in place. She was also a diabetic with a seizure disorder. Without fail, once cookies were baked, one of those things would start causing problems. One day she had a seizure. She fell and was knocked unconscious. A postman came by and saw her in her gangway on the side of the house. He called the paramedics.When they got there she was still unconscious and they were able to bring her around. They placed her on a stretcher and brought her into the back of the rig. She told them someone should go get the cookies she baked this morning.The other paramedic laughed and told her not to worry about the cookies. She said, oh, but I have to! I won’t ever bake any cookies for you ever again. The paramedics looked at each other and asked her why that was. She said, oh, well, I just know I’m going to die today.She was very calm and matter of fact. My friend reached for her hand and took it in his and said I don’t want you to die today. She just looked at him and arrested right there. They couldn’t bring her back. This is an eerie but true story. I hope I die in my sleep. I just don’t want to know

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