As a doctor or nurse, what were the creepiest last words you’ve heard from a patient right before the patient died?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 20, 2020 04:17 PM

The way people have a sudden calm, contentment and become at peace prior to dying is something I also know and have witnessed many times. Only person I ever met that was agitated and anxious about dying suspected they were but had been kept in the dark by well meaning relatives.

One of the most bizarre sadly affected a young new carer so much she quit the job and never worked in care again.

“Mary” I’ll call her was about 19yrs old and brand new to the job. She and I were working a night shift together cos I wanted to shadow and do her induction training. One morning she came to find me when we were helping residents get up, washed and dressed.

“Charlotte? Sorry to bother you but can I just have a word? I think Phyllis is dead. In fact I’m pretty sure she is but can you come see?”

Went with her straight away into a bedroom across the landing and sure as shit, Phyllis was sat on the commode with chin on her chest looking completely peaceful as though she’d just fallen asleep sat there.

Mary helped me move Phyllis off the commode and onto her bed then said “I went out of the room to go and get her some fresh large bath towels cos she didn’t have any and as I left she said “I’m going now sweetheart. Goodbye”

I laughed and said “Won’t be a minute Phyllis I’m not going that far!” and she just repeated “Yeah but I have to go. But goodbye darling”

Mary left the room, grabbed the towels and went straight back into the bedroom only to find Phyllis dead. I remember that poor girl’s face and eyes welled with tears because she didn’t realise Phyllis was saying goodbye as in “I’m gonna die now” and laughed it off.

Did everything I could to reassure her and told her how I’d done very similar including the first sudden death I ever had when a chap I was helping up off the loo collapsed as I was fastening the belt braces on his trousers. Remember actually getting a bit short with him and saying “What… You need to take your weight I can’t hold you” and then realising he was dead. Just died literally right there and then and I went “Ahhh shit!!” and hoisted him back onto the loo, used my arm to keep him upright and had to stretch my leg right out and hit the emergency buzzer on the wall.

Said to her “I was there telling this poor bloke off for not helping me and breaking my back and he was dead! I’d have said exactly the same thing to Phyllis and honestly you shouldn’t feel at all guilty or like you did anything wrong at all. Christ I’ve said far worse not meaning anything in it but it’s one of those things that happens from time to time it’s nothing you did wrong”

We covered her shifts and told her take some time out if need be cos I could see how much it affected her but she sadly couldn’t bring herself to come back and work again.

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