As a Pakistani, what is the biggest lie that the Pakistani government has been telling the Pakistani people?

Mudassir Ali
Jan 16, 2020 07:43 AM 0 Answers
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As a Pakistani, what is the biggest lie that the Pakistani government has been telling the Pakistani people?

Mudassir Ali
- Jan 16, 2020 07:43 AM

There are many. Choose one yourself:

Pakistan’s History: Pak Army is most fearsome and unbeaten army of the world (they were defeated in both most-recent wars in 71′ and 99′ respectively). Also its role in 71′ war or in stalling Pakistan’s progress in martial-laws is never mentioned precisely in our books.
FOREIGN RELATIONS: China is a friend of Pakistan (and Muslims) without any self-interests. (Often Russia is added in this list as well)
Shooting Down Indian Pilot was Pakistan’s Success: When was the last time a nuclear power was hit with a missile? India hit us (it was KPK, not even Azad Kashmir) with a missile and even their jets dared to breach our sovereignty but whole social media and establishment is rejoicing over shooting their pilot down.
Pakistan is progressing in education: Be it QS ranking, number of scientists produced, quality of education or scientific papers published each year, Pakistan is lagging behind both India and Israel by a country-mile. It’s very painful to digest it, but unfortunately it’s the way it is.
Political Unawareness/Living in Utopia: There’s a joke by Khushwant Singh that When Khrushchev succeeded Stalin, someone told him that Stalin had left two sealed-envelopes for him (to be opened when his govt. is in crisis). After a while, Khrushchev’s govt got in the hot waters, so he opened the first envelope and it contained a message “Now time has come for you to blame everything on me to divert the attention away from your govt’s failure”. Khrushchev begun the practice and successfully managed to win public’s support. After couple of years, people got enough of the drama and opposition begun to mount, prompting him to open the 2nd envelope which was reading “Now time has come for you to prepare couple of envelopes as well”
No prize for guessing who will substitute Khrushchev in Pakistan’s current political situation. Even Animal Farm is an excellent description of “Naya Pakistan”

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