As an Arab person, what would you like the world to know about Arabs?

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    There are massive Christian communities, and there are millions of Jews of Arab descent as well.
    No, I don’t know your family friend from Syria. There are 400 million Arabs so I probably don’t know them all
    We are not terrorists!!!
    Most of us really just want to eat our falafel and hummus in peace to be honest.
    No, I didn’t know where Osama was. Sorry!
    Arab guys are not brutal wife-beaters.
    Most of them are kind-hearted guys who love their families.
    We have massive families, and they are very important to us
    I have 35 first cousins with two on the way, 9 biological Aunts and Uncles, and countless other relatives. Believe it or not, my family is considered small by wider Arab and Palestinian standards.
    You have to spend time with your cousins, Aunties, and Uncles. That’s just the way it is.
    Yes, I typically call God, Allah, even though I’m Christian because that literally means God in Arabic
    No, my native language does not sound like a suffocating chicken having an aneurysm.
    Arabic is actually so beautiful and expressive though. I feel like it’s so much easier to convey my emotions when speaking in Arabic.
    I’m not going to marry my cousin.
    My parents insist on me having a successful career which can only be a doctor, engineer, or lawyer.
    They have been letting up on this though, which is a good thing.
    No, my family does not ride camels to school
    We have electricity…
    Not all of our countries are the same. Palestine is very different from Morocco which is very different from Iraq which is very different from Saudi Arabia.
    Our food is absolutely delicious.
    No, I don’t know any Saudi princes…
    No, I won’t have a teenage marriage.
    My family is loud, so get used to it.
    We talk on the phone really loudly.

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