At what age did you start to physically feel ‘old’?

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  1. Around 35, after I had to deal with my third stalker, in over 10 years. A white hair started growing out of my head. That had never happened before. That’s when I realized all these stalkers I had are stressing me out and I’m going gray (actually, white) over it. I know this because my dad didn’t go white til he was older than 45, and he was happily married, and I had inherited his hair type, thick and curly. That’s when I knew I had to stop dating these assholes and stay by myself. They were prematurely aging me because of the stress and the stalkings. I stopped dating and my hair started instantly looking better. I still had a stray white hair here and there, but it wasn’t overwhelming my scalp like it had been when I was dating the sociopaths I got involved with and was being terrorized. So, I thought best to leave well enough alone.

    Before that, I always thought I looked young and the sociopaths I dated thought so too, and would verbalize that—after all, I wasn’t on drugs like they were, I didn’t look wore down and broken like they were, after using drugs for years, because I wasn’t using any. I had no lines in my face. But that white hair strand showing up, that changed it all. I started feeling old, even though I wasn’t that old. And that’s when I felt I started to look older.

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