Why do Baluchistan and Sindh need freedom from Pakistan?

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Neither Baluchistan nor Sindh need freedom from Pakistan. There is a militant group in Baluchistan only called BLA(Baluchistan Liberation Army),they are killing innocent people in Baluchistan and accusing Pakistan Army for these killings. Only this militant group wants freedom from Pakistan,LOL!

FYI,there’s no movement going on in Sindh that are demanding freedom from Pakistan.

Sindh does not want independence from Pakistan.

Baloachistan however is a different issue altogether. As others have very rightly mentioned, the people of Baloachistan have been aliented by Pakistan. Its not just the BLO (Baloach Liberalist Organization ) but the people themselves have been aliented by Pakistan.

Sadly, our thinking has always been too narrow minded. We only want to develop areas which are easy to develop and which have visible potential. Baloachistan is yet to be properly developed because there is no Industrial setup there. And there will never be one if the government of Pakistan keeps destroying every other opportunity of Baloachistan’s development. Very recently, for CPEC, the route was changed from Baloachistan to Punjab. Why!?

Isnt Baloachistan a part of Pakistan? Is it fair that the people of Punjab and Sindh enjoy the luxuries of white collar jobs, luxurious residences, basic utilities, delicious food and security while the Baloachis just live to feed themselves and their children on fish which they catch from sea. No education for them. No security for them. No rights for them.

And then people have the ignorance here to say that An Indiam must have written this question! First, know about your own country before blaming outsiders.

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