Why do Baluchistan and Sindh need freedom from Pakistan?

Why do Baluchistan and Sindh need freedom from Pakistan?

Nations that make up Pakistan, and nations that make up India — have the same problem.

During 1947, the nations of these regions were gullible, naive, illiterate. With leaders having lofty-huge goals. In the exitement of independence, they failed to have proper agreements of joining/divorce.

Usually in the world, nations form nation-states. And if they want to come together they join something like EU, with clauses to divorce (like Brexit). These proper agreements help them to have less problems!

Ultimately if we had many nation-states, joining a Pakistan Union and Many nation states joining IndiaUnion (much like European), we will have less problems.


Baluchistan – Baluchi nation, feels they have to rule themselves.

Kannadiga – kannada nation, and other dravidian nations feel Hindi-Belt of India is forcing Hindi to have higher status in Kannada land.

If the nations of Pak: Sindhi, Panjabi, Baluchi, Kahash, Paktuni etc

If the nations of Ind: Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Malyali, Telugu, Tamil, Rajasthani,

if we have all those as nation-states, but joining Indian Union or Pak-Union, much like EU, we will have our autonomy, and therefore will not feel bad about Hindi or *** forcing us, and ruling over us.

Asked on May 24, 2019 in Islam.
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