What are some beauty tips for women by men?

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Muhammad Zeeshan
- Aug 06, 2019 02:07 PM

Beauty Tips for Women by Men

  1. Your smile is like sunshine. Really a beautiful makeup tool.
  2. When your eyes spark with happy tears, you look so pretty.
  3. A different way of seeing things- cuteness overloaded. I know you’re alien, Ms. Venus.
  4. Simple and sober makeup like eyeliner really enhance the physical appearance. Teased by Mom for telling so :p
  5. Confidence makes you look more beautiful. I’m serious.
  6. friendly girl is more beautiful. It’s so obvious, Isn’t it?
  7. A girl who is a bit of anger also looks more attractive. It looks so original.
  8. Be yourself. When you’re comfortable in your skin. You’re beautiful.
  9. When you teach us, you earn our respect.
  10. You’re beautiful when you let others open their heart out in front of you.
  11. You’re beautiful when you radiate positive vibes.
  12. You are beautiful when you’re a nerd.
  13. Your creativity makes you beautiful. Your paintings, sketches, poems, diaries, all makes you beautiful.
  14. When you are with someone who pampers you like a baby, you look beautiful.
  15. When someone treat you with respect, true love and affection the glow of your skin is priceless.
  16. If you upvote this answer you are beautiful. Haha..just kidding… Your sense of humor makes you beautiful.
  17. I forgot to add about your presence of mind. That’s a game-changer.
  18. When someone trusts you enough to come out of their shell to talk to you. You’re damn beautiful.

These are some situations where you look more beautiful. Beauty is a subjective thing and different people have different yardsticks. So, it’s better to be yourself and enjoy what you do.

Happy people are beautiful people.

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