What is the best food business to start in Lahore?

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In Lahore?


I’m sure you can make money to the great extent…

Let me tell you why… I have been living for four years in Lahore. Before having such disorders, I used to have food from outside. Our hostel and college both were near Anarkali food street. we went there to eat.

You reach there tired and hungry as fuck, decide to order Mutton, Sabzi (vegetables) or Daal (lentils), anything. wait for it.


Here comes a plate of oil. You see nothing like a food in it. Just a little potato is floating superficially. If you want to see what lies beneath, You’ll need a scuba diving suit for an attempt. Also, beware of oil, might have been used for frying earlier.

Sometimes it confuses me a little if people of Lahore have and advanced stomach system because the food made here is out of digestion. It’s a lot of oil and spices are too high in food. And I have never seen anyone from Lahore to take oil out of their meal. They eat it as presented to them. It’s a slow poison and is extremely unhealthy for the amune system.

So every food business is successful in Lahore if you are proving food floating in Terri.

Apologise for being not perfect in writing. Thank you.

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