What is the best kind of meditation?

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Muhammad Zeeshan
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Best kind of meditation

The best kind of meditation is the one you enjoy that feels like it is opening up space all around you and inside of you.

Sometimes we try one meditation practice for a while, and we like it, and then we grow out of it and need to try another one because it does not feel like it is working. There is nothing wrong with changing meditation practices if you feel the desire to move to another one. There is also nothing wrong with doing one for a long time that works for you. And if you find a particular practice annoys you or causes too much repeated tension in the body, try something different.

Some meditation teachers will press you to continue with one even if it is not helping because they think it is a good one because it has worked for them. Just because something has worked for them does not mean it will work for you. Listen to your heart on this. If it is not working for you, it is not working, so move along and try something else.

Never follow anyone else’s advice over your own heart as well-meaning and as spiritually advanced as they may seem. For years I repetitively tried a practice that did absolutely nothing for me, even though a well-meaning and enlightened Kundalini guru pressed me to keep doing it. Instead of listening to my heart and attempting to use other practices that did work, I tried to force myself to use that one that annoyed me and caused tension every time I did it. This caused a lot of wasted time. If I had just listened to my heart and dropped that practice and, instead, used the ones that I liked better, things probably would have probably progressed much quicker.

I have tried many different types of meditation. There were a few that stuck well for a time and then one that morphed into a practice that I naturally did by reflex, and that became my practice. That practice was what I did for years that ended up dissolving everything.

This particular practice started with me sitting on the floor with a black circle (a black hole representation) taped to the wall in front of me. I started off sitting in front of this black hole for about 15 minutes, and I would throw everything that came in the body and mind into that hole with my eyes open. Everything that came up, I just mentally tossed into the hole. It could be thoughts, emotions, sensations, just anything at all that I became aware of, I threw away into that hole. Sometimes I would have my eyes open and sometimes closed while I did this. After a while, it helped to imagine the hole in my mind and keep my eyes closed while tossing things into that hole. It was as if an avalanche of energetic activity that had been held within my being suddenly had a tap and a release valve and everything came streaming out. As my awareness watched what came up, it all poured into that hole and dissolved. I left sitting there always feeling lighter, better as if I just sloughed a tremendous amount of, for lack of a better word, shit, off my entire being. I tried not to judge what came up. And if I judged it, I threw that judgement in too. If it caused more tension or rage to come up, I threw that in. Somethings, like past traumatic memories, had to be thrown in over and over again hundreds of times before those memories lost their emotional charge and my mind stopped being pulled towards them. Eventually, I would stop thinking about those things all together. I became detached from those memories as the emotional energy that was tied to them cleared out.

I threw everything, everything, everything into that black hole. If I wanted to resist what was coming up, I tried to throw the resistance away. Many strange layers of Consciousness come up to be cleansed off during this process. It took time, but I allowed it all of it to come out naturally in the timing that it wanted to come out. Sometimes if I was not wanting to look at something, I would get a severe headache from trying to push back on it. Ego was fighting ego and sometimes I would have to stop, take a break, and go back and try again a few days later. You have to allow yourself breaks from it too when you need them.

Our minds are constipated, and when we allow the tap to release through a practice like this, some incredibly nasty gunk can come out, but we nearly always feel better after. We might see images that we cannot explain, faces, forms, weird images, strange designs, symbols and colors. This is just the energetic body clearing itself out. Some say that we have energetic memories from past lives clear out during this process. Considering all the strange explainable things I saw come out, I do believe this is true. Lots of wild things can be released, as layers and layers of complex stagnation moves out. It is fascinating to watch the mind during this process. The body can also move in strange ways as these things get released in the form of body kriyas. This is nothing to be afraid of. If we can relax into allowing them to release naturally, we feel better afterwards. This is simply Kundalini energy discharging and we all have it in us and it is nothing at all to fear or try to create. It is just neutral energy that needs to move out and will move in its natural timing so the pure Truth can be known and lived in again.

One day as I was walking around, not sitting in front of the black hole, I noticed that I was naturally throwing things into the black hole without sitting in front of it. It was if the black hole turned into a tiny pinprick of gold light in my mind and I was visualizing it. That light was like a vacuum that began to consume everything as I moved through life. I began to meditate while moving through life instead of only while sitting. The more I did this, reflexively, the larger that light grew in my mind. It took a few years, but the more I threw things into the light, the larger the light grew and the quicker things dissolved. Subsequently, more space opened up in the mind, and a tremendous amount of tension left the body. As a result, my life started to get a lot better. I would have lots of moments of bliss and even would feel myself merging into music or nature as if I were falling into it all and it would feel that it was me and I was not separate from it. The Oneness state was developing then.

As the light grew, insights would naturally flow in, and they would seem to come out of nowhere. I knew I was not doing it; I knew somehow the light was doing it. Eventually, it was like the light pricked so mainly holes into my mind like fire burning away a veil of darkness that had been hiding the Truth. Until one day the entire veil of the mind disintegrated into that Light.

Now the Light/Truth/God is always here. It never left. In fact, it is seen now that it was always there, only covered over temporarily by the mind and all the energetic memories the body was holding onto that the mind created. There is no longer a need to meditate as the light is always present. Yes, the mind covers over it from time to time but the mind is only seen as transient energy, and it is no longer clung to or followed for very long. If it gets stuck on something it is very temporary. And the mind does not get lost in itself anymore. Before the full seeing, the mind would get some relief from itself via the insights and glimpses into Truth and then it would get caught up in itself again and again. Because the light is so subtle, the mind could easily re-root and cover over the light with something else other than it again. But as the mind continued to release things into the light, the mind finally consumed itself in a way that is similar as to how you would clean dirt off of a window pane. The mind, with the help of the light (God/Truth), cleansed itself of all false debris.

The mind will always exist, it is just seen through now. The mind always sees through itself like a window without a stain on it. You know the window is there, but it is now clean, and if it gets dirt on it for just a moment, it is reflexively cleaned off. It is a very odd way to live, but that is how it is. You live with the mind, but also outside of it. You are detached from it. You live in the All.

Try different meditation practices, and when that tiny light opens up in your mind, and you find that vacuum to throw everything into, you know you have found the right practice. That light is something that you have inside you that no idea, belief, concept or memory can overshadow forever. That light trumps all darkness the mind can conjure up. We all have that light in us; we only have to find it again. A meditation practice that works for you will access it.

Use that light to give everything up, and you will eventually find Home again, which is perfect freedom without any attachments. And then you will live in both the form and formless, non-dual state. This stateless state is the ground of your being. It was always there. It never left you. The mind only covered over it for a time. And from this place you can be attached or detached and it does not matter. You are free.

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