Which is the best sport in your opinion?


Which is the best sport in your opinion?

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    Running is the best sport in the world. Nearly everyone can participate in it at any age. You don’t need to have great speed, strength, or coordination. Running can be done practically anywhere and any time of day or night. You can run alone or with others. Cost is low, some people don’t even wear shoes! Coaching isn’t necessary to do it. Once you learn to walk you soon start running without prompting to do so. While walking may well exercise, running is better. The reason we know that running is better is people will naturally make excuses to walk rather than run, just like we make excuses to eat refined sugar rather than a piece of fruit. That follows the rule of something that tastes good can’t be good for you. The real beauty of running is that when you are doing it well it doesn’t matter whether you are running fast or far. You can feel so good running that your mood and thinking improves along with all the physical benefits. No other sport matches running.

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