Which is the best sport in the world and why?

Which is the best sport in the world and why?

Asked on February 24, 2019 in Sports.
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    If you are talking sport and not recreation and in particular team sports then for me, there is no comparison in playing or watching, the best sport in the world is Australian Football.

    Australian Football is a free-flowing spectacular game that has a little restriction. No wonder it is the most popular game in the world on per head of population basis.

    Other sports only have a part of what Australian Football has because in Australian Football you can soccer the ball as in soccer, run with the ball as in rugby, bounce the ball as in basketball, tackle as in rugby, block as in American Football, hand-pass as in Gaelic Football, catch the ball as in American Football and kick the ball like only Australian Footballers can.

    The scoring is optimal in Australian Football – one goal about every three minutes and possession is open not reciprocated. But to see why Australian Football is the most popular sport per head of population in the world you’d have to witness it for yourself.

    Countries that play Australian Football in Regular Competition

    Abu Dhabi, AFLAME

    Argentina, AFLA

    Australia, AFL

    Austria, AFLA, EU

    Bahrain, AFLAME

    Brunei, BAFL/AFLA

    Cambodia, AFLA

    Canada, AFLC, IC, ECP(AC), 49thP

    China, AFLA, IC

    Colombia, AFLC

    Croatia, CAAF, ECP, EU

    Czech Republic, CAFL, EU

    Denmark, DAFL, ECP, IC

    Dubai, AFLAME

    East Timor (Timor-Leste), AFLTL, IC

    England, AFL, IC, ECP, EU

    Fiji, AFLF, IC

    Finland, FAFL, IC, ECP, EU

    France, CNFA, IC, EU

    Germany, AFLG, ECP, EU

    Hong Kong, AFLA

    Iceland, AFLI, ECP, EU

    India, AFLI, IC

    Indonesia, AFLI, IC

    Ireland, ARLI, IC, ECP

    Italy, AFLI

    Japan, JAFL, IC

    Kuwait, AFLAME

    Laos, AFLA

    Macau, AFLA

    Malaysia, AFLA

    Myanmar, AFLA

    Nauru, NAFA, IC

    Netherlands, DAFA, EU

    New Zealand, AFLNZ, IC

    Norway, NAFL

    Oman, AFLAME

    Pakistan, PAFL, IC

    Papua New Guinea, AFLPNG, IC

    Philippines, PAFL

    Qatar, AFLAME

    Russia, AFLR, EU

    Samoa, SAFA, IC

    Scotland, AFLS, EU

    Singapore, AFLA

    Solomon Islands, AFL

    South Africa, AFLSA, IC

    Sri Lanka, AFSL

    Sweden, SAFL, IC, ECP

    Switzerland, AFLS

    Thailand, AFLA

    Tonga, AFLT, IC

    United States America, USAFL, IC, ECP(AC), 49thP

    Vanuatu, AFLV

    Answered on February 26, 2019.
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