Can a non-Syed marry a Syed?


Can a non-Syed marry a Syed?

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  1. Yes, without a doubt.

    I am guessing the reason behind this question is the fact that Syeds’ are said to be superior, so they do not marry anybody except a Syed.

    Let’s look into this from certain perspectives:

    1.The Islamic Perspective: There does not exist any form of caste system in Islam. Every believer, be it any race, color, origin or country is nothing more than a believer. In short, everybody is EQUAL.

    2. The 21st Century Perspective: The chants of EQUALITY are being heard everywhere. Proclaiming that one group is better than other just because of a surname is nothing but “ignorant and lunatic”.

    3. The ‘SYED’ Perspective: Coming from a ‘Syed’ family, where both my parents are ‘Syeds’, which is a co-incedence though, I think, we certainly do not have any issues marrying a non-Syed and we do get married to non-Syeds. Infact, both my grandmothers, maternal as well as paternal are not Syed. That doesn’t mean they are lacking something, indeed they are the best of women I have come across.

    So, that answers your question. If you come across anybody who is against it, let me tell you its in their brain and these are just made up things which are baseless and do no good to the society.

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