Can any one name the Best hospitals in Pakistan?

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I need to know the names of Hospitals in Pakistan which are providing the best services. Is there any single Platform where can i get all these details? Anyone can help me in this?

Muhammad Zeeshan
- Aug 02, 2019 12:14 PM

Bin Laden Memorial in Islamabad, the gift was never fully funded, so the hospital was erected adjacent to the donors family home. It’s used for dignitaries and VIPs, what it lacks in style, is balanced by its special features. The backyard converts to a landing pad for helicopters, extremely private, no lawn to maintain, cheap labour, war college you can hit with a rock, lots of entertaining exorcisms, privacy fence taller than Kareem, no neighbours, the abundance of dirt, moat, all in a 1960s California Ranch throwback.

Dr Kahil Gibron is the administrator and chief surgeon, his wife Caron’ is the chief nurse, sons LeBron & Desmond drive the ambulance, it’s a family affair. One child grows up to be somebody who loves to learn, another child grows up to be, somebody you’d love to burn. Mom loves the both of them, you see it’s in her blood, both kids are good to Mom, blood thicker than the mud. Yes, it’s a family affair at BLM.

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