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  1. Originally Answered: What is exactly the Full form of php?
    There have been excellent answers to this question.

    However, the previous answers did not cover the other possibilities you might have had in mind. So I figured I will fill in a few other possibilities:

    PHP Personal Home Page (original name for PHP server-side scripting language)

    PHP Philippine Peso (Currency Unit, ISO)

    PHP People Helping People

    PHP Parents Helping Parents

    PHP PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (HTML-embedded scripting language)

    PHP Public Health Preparedness

    PHP Pan Head Phillips (screw fasteners)

    PHP Partial Hospitalization Program

    PHP PCI Hot Plug

    PHP Physicians Health Plan

    PHP Phencyclidine (CAS 60124-79-0)

    PHP PANHA (Iran Helicopter Support and Renewal Company) Helicopter Project

    PHP Pseudohypoparathyroidism

    PHP Positive Health Program (San Francisco, CA)

    PHP Prepaid Health Plans (health maintenance organizations USA)

    PHP Personal Handy Phone

    PHP Practicing His Presence (Christian act of praying all day)

    PHP Pre Hypertext Processor

    PHP Parallel History Project on NATO and the Warsaw Pact (international security consortium)

    PHP People’s Heritage Party (Ghana)

    PHP Past High Priest

    PHP Physicians’ Home Page

    PHP Project for Horticultural Promotion

    PHP Penultimate Hop Pop (MPLS)

    PHP Pot Head Pixie

    PHP Post Hypertext Preprocessor

    PHP Pigeonhole Principal

    PHP Peak Health Promotions (Melksham, UK)

    PHP Power Hybrid Package

    PHP Predicted Hitting Point

    PHP Purple Heart Patrol (DC Comics)

    PHP Process of Handicap Production

    PHP Professional Homepage Power (Germany)

    PHP Professional Housing Provider (education based certification program)

    PHP Programmable Hyperlinked Pasta

    PHP Presbyterian Hospital of Plano (Plano, TX)

    PHP Premium Handset Protection

    PHP Post-Harvest Processing

    PHP Packing House Products (transportation)

    PHP Partnership Health Plan (various locations)

    PHP Plant Health Progress (journal; American Phytopathological Society)

    PHP Percutaneous Hepatic Perfusion (cancer therapy)

    PHP Personal Health Profile (questionnaire)

    PHP Personal History Profile (various organizations)

    PHP Public Health Programme (various organizations)

    PHP Project Honey Pot (online security initiative)

    PHP Public Health and Policy (various organizations)

    PHP Public Health Perspective

    PHP Planetarium and Had the Pleasure

    PHP People Help People

    PHP Psychology and Philosophy

    PHP Page Help Pages

    PHP Problems Help Please

    PHP PGK Philippine Peso

    PHP Professional Home Page

    PHP Police Home Page

    PHP Polyamide High Performance

    PHP Park Hopper Plus

    PHP Polytechnique in Palaiseau

    PHP Physics of Plasmas

    PHP PEN Philip Peso

    PHP Public Health Portal

    PHP People for Help

    PHP Private Health Partnership

    PHP Public Health Practitioners

    PHP Primary Health Properties

    PHP Perfectly Happy People

    PHP Partial Hospital Program

    PHP Project High Profile

    PHP Personnal Home Page

    PHP Paradise Hackers Paradise

    PHP Paid Health Plans

    PHP Portfolio Home Page

    PHP Prague House of Photography

    PHP Programming Help Post

    PHP Plant Health Programs

    PHP Professionals Health Program

    PHP Programmierung HTML Programmierung

    PHP Paintball Home Page

    PHP Presbyterian Hunger Program

    PHP Preferred Health Plan

    PHP Professional Health Programs

    PHP Premier Health Products

    PHP Parenting for High Potential

    PHP partial hospitalization programs

    PHP Paranoia Home Page

    PHP Premier Healthcare Professionals

    PHP Pyridoxalated Hemoglobin Polyoxyethylene

    PHP Page High Performance

    PHP physicians health program

    PHP Phoenix Home Page

    PHP Pinoy Harry Potter

    PHP Pennsylvania Home Page

    PHP Preferred Health Professionals

    PHP Providence Health Plans

    PHP Physicians Healthcare Plans

    PHP PERL HTML Parameters

    PHP P Hypertext Preprocessor

    PHP Parts Hybrids and Packaging

    PHP Positive Health Project

    PHP Plant Health Products

    PHP Public Holiday Projects

    PHP Pure HTML Pages

    PHP professional health program

    PHP Physicians Home Page

    PHP Page Http Physics

    PHP Please Help People

    PHP Polymerase and Histidinol Phosphatase

    PHP Penultimate Hop Popping

    PHP Perl Hypertext Preprocessor

    PHP Peoples Housing Process

    PHP Ponuda Hosting Paketa

    PHP Presbyterian Health Physicians

    PHP Programming Help Page

    PHP Porto Home Page

    PHP Public Home Pages

    PHP Pre Hypertext Processing

    PHP Peace Happiness and Prosperity

    PHP prevea health plan

    PHP Public Health Pharmacy

    PHP Programmers Heaven Perl

    PHP Prickly Heat Powder

    PHP Pamokos HTML Pamokos

    PHP Pontiac Home Page

    PHP Preferred Health Partnership

    PHP paid health plan

    PHP People Home Pages

    PHP Pro Hosting Plans

    PHP Programmer Hierarchy Png

    PHP Pittsburgh Home Page

    PHP Palmer Hamilton Partnership

    PHP Partial Hospital Programs

    PHP Peoples Housing Project

    PHP Page HELP Project

    PHP Politics 4 Http

    PHP Premier Health Partners

    PHP Paradigm Home Page

    PHP Phenylethyl 4 Phenyl

    PHP Parrot Heads in Paradise

    PHP Pamokos Hakinimo Pamokos

    PHP Placing Hunting in Perspective

    PHP Primary Health Plan

    PHP Page 4 for Help

    PHP Polk HealthCare Plan

    PHP Programming and Http

    PHP PERL Hosting Python

    PHP Preferential Hyperacuity Perimeter

    PHP PERL HTML Programming

    PHP Pendle Hill Pamphlets

    PHP Plasma Hearth Process

    PHP Para-Hisian pacing

    PHP passive hyperpolarizing potential

    PHP Patient Hygiene Performance

    PHP periodic hypokalaemic paralysis

    PHP Personal Hygiene Performance

    PHP personalized hospital practice

    PHP Phosphotriesterase homology protein

    PHP Physician Health Program

    PHP Physicians’ Health Programs

    PHP Plantar heel pain

    PHP pooled human plasma

    PHP population health perspective

    PHP post hysterectomy patients

    PHP Post-heparin plasma

    PHP predicted heat production

    PHP previously healthy patients

    PHP primary healthcare professional

    PHP primitive hematopoietic progenitors

    PHP Provenant Health Partners

    PHP pseudo-Hurler polydystrophy

    PHP public health physician

    PHP pyridoxylated haemoglobin-polyoxyethylene

    PHP Plated Hollow Point

    PHP Professionals Have Put

    PHP Part 2 How to Process

    PHP Principles of High Performance

    PHP Publish in the Homepage

    PHP 1-(1-phenylcyclohexyl) pyrrolidine

    PHP idiopathic hypoparathyroidism , pseudohypoparathyroidism

    PHP Patient Hygiene Performance Index

    PHP Patient Hygiene Performance method

    PHP Personal Hypertext Processor

    PhP phosphate , phenylphosphate

    PHP Polish Home Page

    PHP Pregnancy and Health Program

    PHP primary health care provider

    PHP primitive hematopoietic progenitor cells

    PHP proportion of high parasitaemia

    PHP proportion with high parasitaemia

    PHP Pyridoxalated haemoglobin polyoxyethylene conjugate

    PHP Pyridoxalated hemoglobin polyoxyethylene conjugate

    PHP Pyridoxalated hemoglobin-polyoxyethylene conjugate

    PHP Pyridoxalated-hemoglobin-polyoxyethylene conjugate

    PHP Pyridoxylated hemoglobin polyoxyethylene conjugate

    PHP pyridoxylated hemoglobin-polyoxyethylene conjugate

    PHP pyridoxylated-hemoglobin-polyoxyethylene conjugate

    PHP Pathways for Health Project

    PHP Poze Haioase Poze

    PHP perlabi hydroelectric project

    PHP Paris Hilton Pharmacy

    PHP Poole Housing Partnership

    PHP Physician Healthcare Plan

    PHP Penguin Home Page

    PHP Peddler Hill Primitives

    PHP Private Health Practitioners

    PHP Purity Home Products

    PHP patients with pseudo

    PHP Permanent Housing Program

    PHP Population Health Pathobiology

    PHP Purple Heart Pendant

    PHP Plan Host Popularity

    PHP Polar Heat Paks

    PHP Pasadena Home Page

    PHP Professional Homecare Providers

    PHP Professional HTML Preprocessor

    PHP Pfeifer Hamilton Publishers

    PHP Physician Health Partners

    PHp Personal Hypertext Protocol

    PHP Papyrology Home Page

    PHP Perl Hewlett Packard

    PHP Primary Health Props

    PHP P HTTP Persistent

    PHP Paying Homage to Perl


    PHP Porn Htm Powered

    PHP Precipitate Hydrolysis Process

    PHP Phoenix Health Plans

    PHP Physicians to Http

    PHP Professional Health Planner

    PHP Purple Hat Project

    PHP party hard productions

    PHP Patent Hoteling Program

    PHP preferred health providers

    PHP Programmers for High Profile

    PHP Programmierung HTML Perl

    PHP Page Havoc Pennington

    PHP Page3 Html Play

    PHP Pre Hypertexte Processor

    PHP Preprocessor Hypertext Protocol

    PHP Pacific Hotel Properties

    PHP Personal HandyPhone PHS

    PHP Personal Homepage Presenting

    PHP Phoenix Housing Partnership

    PHP Population Health and Pathobiology

    PHP Post Harvest Processor

    PHP Patients with pseudohypoparathyroidism

    PHP PERL HTML Programmierung

    PHP Physicians Health Physicians

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