can anyone have any idea about List of professional sports leagues?

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  1. IPL – 27th (among 88 leagues) [Fun Fact: Indian Super League (Football) is also featured in the list, ranked 75th.]

    No PSL.

    Top 10 leagues in average attendance.

    IPL – 8th
    BBL – 9th

    No PSL.

    Highest attended leagues by sport.

    IPL – 7th

    No PSL.

    Top leagues in weekly attendance.

    IPL – 10th
    BPL – 15th
    BBL – 16th

    No PSL.

    Top leagues in recent domestic club championship event attendance.

    IPL 2015 final – 20th
    BBL 2015–16 final – 34th
    PSL 2017 final – 51st

    To give India the benefit of ‘population’ would be fair, but the question still remains, how is BPL above PSL? and how come PSL is not in a list where BPL is. Hence, these lists fully advocates PSL’s misery & IPL’s mammoth success and equally strong impact.

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