Can Cheteshvar Pujara add value to any IPL team in the IPL 2020 squads?

Mudassir Ali 8 months 1 Answer 115 views

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  1. Cheteshwar Pujara is undoubtedly a backbone of middle order in Tests for India. His performances in the country and abroad are equally good and no wonder people have started comparing him with ‘The Wall’, Rahul Dravid himself.

    What makes him unique is the technique and will power to stay at the crease for multiple sessions. People forget to notice that once he is set in the crease after getting hold of the pitch and the length, his strike rate increases considerably.

    Coming to IPL, I firmly believe that Pujara can be the turning point for the Royal Challengers. I say this because, when you look at the lineup of Virat led side, they have got tremendous firepower as far as batting is concerned. They need someone to calm things down in the middle and allow the batsman from another end to take control of the game.

    Rahul did this for Royals, and I see no reason why Pujara can do the same for challengers.

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