Can girls join Pakistan army as a technical cadet?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 08, 2020 04:40 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 08, 2020 04:40 AM

Absolutely not. They can not be commissioned in the army as technical cadets. Although, they can be commissioned in as Information & Communications Technology Officers (ICTOs), but after getting an undergraduate degree in either Computer/Software Engineering or the Information Technology (IT). This is a Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC). The highest rank in DSSC is Major. Girls can join the army as Lady Cadets via LCC (6 months training at PMA) or they can also become a lady doctor in Army Medical Corps (AMC). They do have a lot of scope for promotion. Out of every 25–35 Major Generals promoted every year, 7–8 are from the AMC. And trust me that’s a hell of a promotion rate for an arm. If you are so determined to be a military engineer, you can also start your engineering degree while being in the army after graduating the PMA as a Lady Cadet (LCC). Godspeed…..

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