How can I make applications?


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    I hope that you are ready to ride the wave of application development.
    Here is the guide to get you started :

    Step 1: Get an idea or problemThe very basic step in app development is the app idea. Want to build an app but don’t have app idea ?
    Look around yourself. What you really need are problems, and they’re everywhere.

    If you already have the app idea proceed to step 2.

    Step 2: Start SketchingBy developing sketches you are laying the foundation of your future app and its interface. In this step you visually conceptualize the features that would be included in the app.

    Step 3: Download the necessary toolsDownload the necessary tools according to your platform. Suppose you’re going to build an app in Android platform, you need to download Android Studio(IDE) as well as the SDK tools.

    Step 4: Build the back end of your appNow that your app has been defined pretty clearly, its time to work on the back end of your app. In this step you have to set up servers, databases and storage solutions as per your requirement.

    Step 5: Creating the AppCreate the look and feel of the app. Generate a storyboard which is a visual representation of all your app’s screens. Build the UI. Add components through which users interact with your app. Customize it. Finally, add functionality and integrate with the back end.

    Step 6: Testing & DebuggingNow that your app is complete, its time for testing. Start the simulator and begin testing. If your app has crashed, you need to start figuring out what happened and why. This is a vast subject and there are countless reasons why your app may have crashed. Debugging can be tedious and time consuming and it makes your app error free and ready to be uploaded.

    Step 7: Release timeCongrats, you just made your own app, its time to make it live. Create a developers account with your respective app stores. Google’s Android charges $25 a year and Apple charges $99 annually. Do ask for feedback from the users and improvise.

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