Can natural remedies cure Tuberculosis?

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Mudassir Ali
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Originally Answered: Natural remedies can cure tuberculosis?
TB Disease can be cured by using special drugs that kill TB germs. But TB germs are strong. It takes at least six to nine months of mediation to wipe them all out. It is very important that you take all your medicine.

I don’t prefer allopathy otherwise you have no option but AYURVEDA cures like it should be without any side effects and properly.

you can follow up these to cure TB-

Precribed natural cures:

Non pasteurized Milk: TB is generally associated with depletion of natural Calcium in the body. Calcium is the main therapeutic agent needed for treatment of TB and raw milk is the richest source of organic calcium.
Custard apple + seedless raisins: The pulp of one custard apple mixed with 15 seedless raisins should be slowly boiled in water till most of the water has evaporated. The leftovers should be mixed with one tea spoon of powdered sugar candy and pinch of cardamom and cinnamon. 2 teaspoons of this concoction taken thrice a day helps rejuvenate the body is regarded as one of the most effective natural cures for tuberculosis.Alternatively, a readymade ayurvedic concoction of custard apple named sitaphalasava is prescribed.
Drumstick leaves: Soup prepared by boiling drumstick leaves taken with little salt, pepper and lime juice increases the body resistance against TB infection.
Garlic: Twenty grains of garlic with six ounces of milk and two pounds water boiled till it reduces to a quarter of the original quantity, given in two doses during the day is used widely in Ayurveda as a natural remedy for TB.
Indian gooseberry: 1 tablespoon of Indian gooseberry juice with honey, taken in the morning promotes vitality and increases body resistance to fight TB germs.
Pineapple: Aids in dissolving mucus and is effective in treatment of tuberculosis.
Green Banana: Juice of green banana is used by many naturopaths in curing TB.
Dried fruits: particularly dried grapes and almond are used to vitalize the body for curing TB.
Orange Juice: Orange juice with a pinch of salt alleviates expectoration and protects the body from further infections.
Mint: One tea spoon fresh juice of mint with equal amount of honey, half tea spoon amount of pure malt vinegar mixed in half a glass of carrot juice helps develop body resistance against tubercle bacillus.
Herbs for tuberculosis treatment
Ash Gourd: Pulp of the fruit is boiled while constantly adding sugar syrup till it hardens into a delicous sweet.Used to cure general debility and o increase weight in tuberculosis.
Celery (Scientific name: Apium graveolens, Indian name: Ajwain ka patta or Ajmod): Celery has an antispasmodic property which is used specially for curing pulmonary TB
Linseed: 1 table spoon of powdered linseed soaked overnight in a glass of water served in the morning with lime juice is used to counter the ill effects of TB
Marigold: Used for treatment of scrofula or the TB of glands
Winter Cherry: Decoction made of root of winter cherry, honey and long pepper is used to treat pulmonary TB and scrofula. long term use is not recommended as the root has narcotic properties
Recommended diet
Plenty of milk, pulses especially black gram, butter, eggs, gourds of various varieties, beetroot, spinach,onion, raw green vegetables, wholemeal bread and fruits.

Food to be avoided

White bread, white sugar
Refined cereals
Curd, buttermilk
Ripe banana & Guava
Food with preservatives
Tea, Coffee and alcohol
Condiments like pickles, sauces
All devitalizing foods
Other recommendations

Take regular sunbath. Sunlight is extremely important as TB germs are highly susceptible to direct sunlight.
Do deep breathing and relaxation exercises
Live in fresh, airy and clean environment
Hot epsom slat bath twice a week helps the healing process

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