Can PayPal be trusted?


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  1. Yes, PayPal can be trusted

    If you are thinking it is not safe or your money will get stuck, trust me, it is going to be the safest and easiest option to send and receive money.
    Most importantly, it has hassle-free Buyer as well as Seller protection, in simple words – Your transaction through PayPal is fully insured whether you sell or buy.
    And, I trust their customer support as well, I have been dealing with PayPal transaction issues for my clients (rare but when they occur), may it be India or anywhere around the world – Support is good and they will listen to you (But you should every detail about transaction, and where the things went bad, every detail they investigate)
    Moreover, Refunds are easy to process, raising issue or claims process is easy and not complicated at all.
    Trust me i had tried many payment gateways, but always most economical and trustworthy so far to me has been PayPal only.
    Also, you can receive multi-currency with PayPal with ease.
    Well, all above is my personal experience, dealing with PayPal since many years now, but i would reckon try to go for it and i am sure you will agree to my personal experience.
    Rest again i would like to say be assured that it is fully secure and you are fully safe.
    Hope This Helps!

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