Can someone please both allow me to experience it, and explain in depth to me what prison is like?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 04, 2020 04:03 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 04, 2020 04:03 PM

It’s 3:00AM and a blinding light rips through your door coupled with 4 loud speakers strategically placed around the day room for maximum effect blaring “ CHOW CALL! “ you hear your door scraping open with the other 126 in your pod. You’re forced to walk down stairs and meet the other 251 inmates from your pod alone to walk the mile to the chow hall. You try and hang back to wait for the rest of your race and link up by stopping To feign tying your boots so you can all walk together and be ready Incase something pops off as it has the last 3 days this week alone. You shake your homies hand and pull him in for a one armed hug when he whispers to you that this is it. You look at him and nod one time in a silent question as to not alert the opposing race, you can see it in his eyes that there is no need for words, it has been decided and it’s time to carry it out. You in turn, give the same nod to the rest of your race as they take the order and start scanning the crowd. You began to start walking down the hall past the picket to walk into the blistering cold While it’s sleeting ever so lightly adding to the already Icy floor. As soon as you get outside your people began to veer off to the dirt on the sides of the walking path and began to pick up their weapons of choice. They know exactly where they lay as this race war has been on going for the past week. Shout out to the Porters, who have the ability to travel the compound at night once all feet are off the yard to prepare for such incidents. Once everybody has what they are supposed to, your group begins to walk to the right side of the group that has an unspoken loyalty to yours. They notice y’all are moving spread apart and not talking and joking as usual so they begin to prepare for the battle that is long overdue on your unit. 30 yards out is the intended group… 25 yards… 20 yards… 15 yards… 10…. 5…. And your homie that originally gave you the order charges the opposition that is holding the door for the rest of his posse and shoves him face first into the door while it looks like he’s hitting him in the ribs; but you know better than to think he’s just hitting em. He drops to the floor stunned and the whole world seems to have stopped in its track. You know now is your opportunity to catch them by surprise. There is 15–20 seconds before someone yells and alerts the guards. It’s all came down do this… what are you gonna do? Your first race war….

Coming all the way from West Texas, having done time In TDC and KDOC: 42 months combined. First 36 in Texas, last 6 in KDOC. All Max Custody Units.

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