Can someone please both allow me to experience it, and explain in depth to me what prison is like?

Mudassir Ali
Jan 19, 2020 05:27 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 19, 2020 05:28 PM

when I was transported from County Jail to State Prison we were Lead from the bus into a building where we were then stripped down and put into a shower we were shampooed with lice shampoo then we got out and put on these blue nightgown type of things with no undergarments and had to sit on these cold concrete benches for approximately four hours while they called us 1 by 1 to enter information , fingerprint us and made us watch these movies about prison rape and how to report it. we were finally given our blue uniforms and walked to our dorms. The next week was like orientation. I had to get a physical and checked by a gynecologist. I had to take a tabe test to see what level of education i was at. There was a lot of extra yelling by the guards. The next 3 years was like the movie ground hogs day. Woke up for breakfast at 4am. U can go or stay asleep. At 7am you are now forced to stay awake and get ready for count. 8am is work call. U go to ur assigned job.[ lawn, cleaning the grounds, the chow hall some are assigned to stay in the dorm and clean it. The lucky few got to work in the library or education] at 11:30 we r back in the dorm for count time and then to lunch. 1pm back to work or maybe you have a class to take. 4 pm back to the dorm for count and get ready for chow. After dinner you can go out to the yard and hang out for a few hours. Then back inside the sun starts to go down. People play cards use the phone hang out with friends watch tv. 10pm final count of the nite and 11pm lights out. Must be in bed. Most women read or listen to the radio until they fall asleep to do it all again tomorrow. Some days a fight breaks out so you have some entertainment..women’s prison is not as entertaining as a Men’s prison when it comes to fighting.. my husband said the Men’s prison is loaded with gangs and it’s non-stop mess in there. women’s prison there’s fighting but not as frequently. And thats the basics! Well atleast where i was at.

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