Can the lockdown period be extended in India?

Mudassir Ali
Apr 09, 2020 02:41 PM 0 Answers
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Can the lockdown period be extended in India?

Mudassir Ali
- Apr 09, 2020 02:42 PM

Originally Answered: Will lockdown extends in India? What are your predictions?

If this is the case, just forget about getting Corona free. These are the pictures of Delhi’s Markaz where more than 1000 people gathered for a religious event in Nizamuddin.

Later you get to know 24 of them who attended had Coronavirus. Now this area is taken by the authorities for COVID-19 testing. Just imagine what hell are these authorities going through now. It does not stop here, these people have dispersed throughout the country, just imagine what would be the gravity of danger.

What was the Delhi Police doing whilst this was happening? And by the way Nizamuddin Police station is just 18 mtrs from where the event happened.
What was the Delhi Government doing amidst this?
Why didn’t anyone over there care to inform about such a gathering?
Why is there such a denial of requests made by the Prime Minister in these people?

These people who go to this religious event also have foreigners coming for the event, such foreigners were caught in Patna on 23rd March from different Masjids and when questioned it was observed that they came on Tourist visa, whereas people coming for such events must have a missionary visa, which is very hard to obtain.

Who says, there is no role of religion in putting the country in danger, in this case, it definitely is and is completely undeniable.

When the Delhi government announced to send all workers in their respective states, they got an uncontrollable crowd at the Delhi borders. How can a government be so stupid of telling everyone to not gather and end up themselves making it happen?

When the PM requests you to stay at home and observe discipline, it’s not a joke. If spread in India, the country will fail to counter it due to a lack of resources and facilities, vaccines and many other things. On the other hand, India leads in diseases like TB, diabetes, and hypertension, these are so-called CO-MORBID conditions that you keep listening on television or elsewhere and their fatality rate is much higher.

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