Can the US win a war with Iran?

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Jan 14, 2020 08:17 AM 1 Answers
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Can the US win a war with Iran?

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Oct 01, 2021

Originally Answered: Who would win in a war between the U.S. And Iran?
The answers on this trend are amusing and pathetic. I’ll give a real description of a war between if only the competitors were Iran and the USA.

We will go with your senerio, but that is highly unlikely, the Iranian government are not crazy war mongers as prorated on the news. Remember the news is basis towards the country the company is from.

If Iran launched a surprise attack on America’s navy position in the Persian gulf it would target all navy craft possible. All countries create their military differently, Iran creates it military to be able to take out a larger stronger force. Iran would send out its submarines , its famous missile speed boats and etc in the strike. And it would only takes tens of minutes to sink america’s aircraft carriers . With war declared it would take time for america to regroup its military aboard while it would takes a tenth of the time for Iran to mobilizes its forces including about 100K shia militia fighters in Iraq+ Hezbollah, America wouldn’t send out all its navy warships for this of the thought it may not need all of it, but if it did it would not be a big difference. In the time it takes for america’s warships to reach the Persian gulf Iran will have a choice to close the strait of Hormuz which could put the whole world into a depression and would have large negative affects in america.

Iran would win the DEFENSIVE war, it has good fighters loyal and disciplined, it has a very patriotic population and influence government its ownership of the strait of Hormuz, it has a VERY powerful military suited or the geography of Iran.
Remember, there are much more factors to a war than the amount of technology or amount of power and etc.

The Houthis are a great example of this, about 8 months of airstrikes from arab the coalition and that tens of thousands of their troops deployed in yemen they are still fighting and winning most areas.

On last note, the reason why Iran hasn’t attacked america is, there would be no benefit in it, No land, no resources, just a war that would kill people over nothing? Iran is already the most powerful country in greater middle east by far. Its influence extends to the shores of the meditation, into Yemen, and is expanding into central Asia and the arab monarchies.

Iran, is recreating the Persian Empire!

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