How can yoga affect your life?

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Asked on January 10, 2019 in Health.
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Makes us flexible and muscles elastic. Try to set a goal – to do the splits in 2-3 months. Difficult and painstaking work, but it’s real! If you have ever done gymnastics, muscles can easily remember how to stretch. Therefore, we observe how 50-60-year-old ladies develop into intricate asanas and look young and energetic at the same time.

Helps to reduce body weight. The eternal problem that worries women of any age. Dynamic and power yoga improves metabolism and accelerates the process of weight loss, and also helps to consolidate this effect for a long time. In modern fitness clubs there are even yoga classes for weight loss.

Forms a Royal posture-fights curvature of the spine, strengthens the supporting muscles of the back.

Prevents brittle bones in the initial stages to stop the development of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis etc. Is not only a problem of the elderly. Statistics appeals of young people (for example, seriously involved in sports) to orthopedic surgeons depressing.

Reduces the risk of certain diseases. This has already been mentioned in this article, but we list again: normalizes blood pressure, the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal organs, lymphatic and immune system, regulates blood circulation, prevents the development of diabetes.

Controls the production of stress hormones. The hormone cortisol in physical and mental stress is produced by the efforts of the adrenal glands. Yoga exercises help to deceive the brain, calm the nervous system, concentrate on the present moment.

Teaches you to control your body-what is the balance in the handstand. The result of the movement more clear, confident.

Does not exclude the development of transcendent abilities. There are cases when yogis became healers, psychics, were able to control their mind. Some were able to survive in hellish conditions without food and water for several days.

Becomes an excellent painkiller. The practice of meditation helps to numb the pain of female malaise, back pain, lower back pain, cervical pain, etc.

Makes more confident, and gets out of the doldrums. The way of life changes after some time (provided that the relationship with yoga is serious and long-term), it becomes easier to cope with bad habits, to realize the true purpose.

Makes you cheerful and energetic. Even if it rains outside the window for the second week, a real yogi knows that this is no reason to go sullen and dissatisfied. Yoga teaches to look at everything optimistically. Ayurveda, which is part of the science of yoga, gives advice on proper nutrition, and it helps to save energy without doping (coffee, cigarettes, energy drinks).

Helps to become more open and contact. The principle of “serving others” will not allow you to refuse to help someone. People who do yoga are perceived as a bright sun, to which you want to reach.

Answered on January 14, 2019.
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