Can you describe your college life in 5 words?

Mudassir Ali
Jan 21, 2020 04:37 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 21, 2020 04:37 PM

A Phase full of Emotions…

Let me justify those words.

I’m in my first year of Chemical engineering and the journey so far so long has been bizarre. I’ve been through so much only in a short span of 2 semesters. So, what what makes my college life full of emotions?

Starting from entering the college, I’ve had fierce competition with my seniors and let alone my classmates. I had a very low attendance due to some private reasons which weren’t accepted by my professors and I’ve probably been scolded by them a hundred times. Not only that but I’ve been lagging behind of all my classmates in every sphere except the co-cirricular activities that I got myself indulged in. I’ve had a lot of taunting on this too.

Recently, my best friend ( who was the means of survival for me in the college) shifted to Australia for her future studies leaving behind me and the memories we made over the past 7months.

Never did the results come out good for me but I haven’t lost my hope and these emotions will help me make my college life a wonderful adventure 🙂

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