How do I check Zong remaining minutes SMS and Mbs?


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    Check Zong Remaining Minutes SMS And Mbs

    Zong call packages provide you convenience to talk with your loved ones without the worry of balance. However, if you want to check remaining minutes then just use the below-mentioned codes.
    How can I check my remaining minutes on Zong?

    Zong has flourished to become one of the top cellular companies in Pakistan in a short span of time. Despite the tough competition, Zong has managed to sell its customers with unique call packages and is improving with every passing day.

    You can dial *222# for checking your remaining Zong balance. There are many ways to check Zong remaining Sms, Free minutes, MBs and balance other then Zong Balance Check Code.

    You can install My Zong App or go their web portal called as Zong E-Care. Just dial *102*3#, and you will see the remaining minutes on the screen of your mobile phone.

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