If China, Pakistan and Sri Lanka attack India at the same time, how long will it take them to defeat India?

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If China, Pakistan and Sri Lanka attack India at the same time, how long will it take them to defeat India?

Muhammad Zeeshan
- Jul 31, 2019 12:40 PM

TL;DR – All the parties will lose. As someone who likes China and madly in love with India, I don’t see a good outcome. Still I will play as I was asked.
I like the top voted answer, but it is inaccurate in stating US will kick China’s ass. In reality, US or any other major power will never mess with China in a direct war. It is not just China’s nukes, but it is China’s manufacturing keys that everyone will fear. Let us take a direct involvement out of question in this hypothetical battle.

The result will be a stalemate. It is purely hypothetical analysis to show interconnected everything is and nothing against any country. Here is why:
First, let us take the low hanging fruit: Sri Lanka. Lankans received massive help from India to prevail over LTTE and end the civil war. The help included military (logistics, patrolling, arms), diplomatic (banning LTTE in Western nations) and political (prevailing over Tamilnadu’s political parties). Indian central government is the only that can prevail over certain jigoist Tamil groups. Thus, if SL distracts Indian central government in any way, Tamil nationalist groups could send SL into a massive chaos and civil war. Thus, no way SL would mess with India.

Oil Throttle: India has a very strategic position in the global oil flow. East Asia’s oil pass through India. At the start of any major war, India could throttle China’s oil supplies and merchandise exports. India could also use its ally Iran at the head of Hormuz and South East Asian allies around Malacca to further the blockade.

Involvement of other powers: China’s rise is not in any major power’s interest. From US, UK, Germany to Russia, Japan and Korea are all scared of China’s rise. For other Asian nations from Vietnam to Malaysia, a Chinese hegemony is a scary economic prospect. Although no one will directly involve, everyone will covertly provide aid to India.

Internal destabilization: Right now India has not involved in China’s autonomous regions: Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and Tibet. But, if push comes to the shove, India has the powers to foment trouble given a huge domestic Muslim and Buddhist population. India could also use its traditional links with Mongolia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan to encircle China in a covert war. Chinese society is precariously balanced especially when it comes to the non-Han minority and given all the economic tensions in the fast growing nation, it is easy to set the cat among the pigeons. In the same way, China could also do it in India, although with a little less success.

Nuclear factor: While Pakistan has less to worry about India’s nukes (nothing much to lose), China has everything to lose in a nuclear war with India. A cornered nation with nuclear power is the worst enemy you could have.

Thus, a Pakistan-China axis will never really work against India. The resulting mutual destruction is what preventing such an alliance from already happening.

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