China: What are some mind blowing facts about China?


China: What are some mind blowing facts about China?

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  1. Originally Answered: What are some of the most mind-blowing facts about China?
    1. Basically there is no such thing as “fortune cookie” in restaurants. The first time I ever see fortune cookie was in the states.
    2. Not all Chinese look like “Asians”. There are 55 officially recognized ethnic minorities in China and some of them are genetically Turkish, Central Asians, or even Russians. Here is a photo of Uyghur Chinese female PLA solider.
    3. Although major western social media like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are blocked in China, there exist a wide variety of local social media platforms within China. And as you might know already, censorship is duly noted by netizens. So we manage to beat around the bush on the Internet.
    4. Despite 80-90 million members that Chinese Communist Party claims, the bulk of them have little faith in Communism or socialism. It can be substantiated in many published political science literature. Yet it is more easily to be confirmed if you have the chance to chat with a CCP member. Even CCP itself these years barely mentioned Communism in speeches or governmental reports.
    5. The tap water is not drinkable.
    6. Except Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, there still around 20 mega cities of modern infrastructures, a variety of entertainment, and population over 5 million.
    7. Casinos is illegal in China, except in Macau. Yet great numbers of underground casinos have thrived in China.
    8. The significance of Mahjong, a Chinese gambling game, can be compared to the significance of football, baseball, and basketball combined to Americans.
    9. Young generation in general celebrate Christmas without any religious purpose. But few people know what day is Easter or Thanksgiving.
    10. Chinese perception of the deities is by and large shaped by a classic Chinese novel Journey to the West. The book was written in 16th century, strongly rooted in Chinese folklore and Buddhist and Taoist theology. Here is a imaginary scenario of the heaven.
    11. It is reported that there are about 300,000 Africans living and working in Guangzhou city, the capital of Guangdong province. But a large proportion overstay their visas and are staying at an illegal status. Here is a photo of conflict between African residents between local police force.

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