Could another civil war ever happen in the US?

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  1. Well, this would be very interesting. First, I’d like to set a few terms that are assumed to have happened by 2021:

    Democrats have taken the presidency, and it’s not one of the moderates, it’s the leader of the Antifa militia.
    This will require 2 things I will assume done:
    The Antifa is a recognized bloc of people with a definable hierarchy
    The president will campaign on a platform of getting rid of the Electoral College and bringing the heavens of communism to the USA
    Republicans will have both houses of congress and vow to ‘resist the Presidency till their dying breath’. This message sticks and allows the right to take the houses.
    So now the situation starts:

    The Election

    Johnathan Wood was a 74-year-old, Vietnam war veteran that supported Trump in Berkeley, California. He knew that his vote didn’t count given California’s loyalty to the Democrats. But he knows what his forefathers sacrificed for him to be able to stand in that line for the booth, so he voted. He voted in every election, but what he didn’t know was that this would be his last time standing in the voting queue. What was his mistake? Wearing a Trump-Pence – Make America Great Again t-shirt. This was his crime.

    There were many television crews to report the election, one that many called ‘the battle for America’s soul’. On one side there was a man who called entire groups of people rapists and murderers. He also had a penchant for boasting about his sexual accomplishments, once talking of how he had ‘grabbed women by the p***y’. However, the other side was no angel either, and the Democrat candidate routinely called Trump voters the ‘biggest threat to the country’. Hillary suffered greatly due to her ‘deplorable’ comment, but this is bigger. And this is coming every day, from the Presidential candidate. He makes Trump look like the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. When asked about how to deal with this ‘big threat’, Mr. Anf suggested purging them from the voting, and ‘attacking’ them wherever, whenever, and however possible.

    Since there were so many cameras, the whole nation saw Johnathan Wood get stabbed to death. CNN was the first to report his attack, and it was estimated that a total of 681 Trump supporters were killed on Election day. The number of attacks will never be known but is thought to run in the hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions. In any case, the number pales in comparison to what is coming. Voter suppression is widespread throughout the country, and in the backdrop of this rigged election, Mr. Anf wins the vote. However, the Republicans can hold the Senate, but the Democrat freshmen are all loyal to the presidency. In the House, the Republicans hold a slight majority, mainly due to gerrymandering.

    The DC Riots

    The new President (Mr. Anf) takes the oath, while his Democrat party allies in the House push for the new bill removing the Electoral College. Let’s note that at this point, the Democrats have been overrun by the extremist wing of their party, and are using the Antifa as its military wing. The desperate moderates of the Democratic party try to save it, but they are rebuffed, brutally. The likes of AOC are leading the party. Schumer and Pelosi have been kicked out, ostracized from their party.

    So, the Dems in the House will start pushing for the new amendment, in which all hate speech will be termed illegal. An estimated 700,000 protesters (a significant percentage of whom are armed with clubs and knives) standing outside to force the bill. Expectedly, the bill fails, due to the red majority in the House. Enraged that his brilliant idea didn’t work with everyone, President Anf, in a shockingly unconstitutional move, orders his protesters to charge Capitol hill.

    Under normal circumstances, such uncalled-for actions would result in the Vice President invoking the 25th amendment and removing Mr. Anf from power. However, Anf has surrounded himself by loyalists who will answer to no-one but himself. So, the move remains unchallenged. However, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (commanders of the US military) had predicted that the protests might turn violent due to:

    The very nature of the Antifa protests
    Their unwavering loyalty to their President
    Their hatred of Republicans
    Seeing all this, they had already placed the military on high alert and had put almost 10,000 police and military units in and around Capitol Hill, along with several helicopters, tanks, and armored cars. When President Anf orders the protesters to charge on his first public appearance since his inauguration, they instantly comply. While the JCS had seen this coming, what they did not predict was that among them, at least 45,000 of them carried firearms, with hundreds more wearing suicide vests. In front of the world’s cameras, the US security forces and the protesters clash violently in what many believe to be the largest battle in US history.

    When the protesters charge, several of the lesser-trained units freaked out and opened fire on the massive wave of protesters, who must have looked similar to the zombie charge in World War Z.

    What they did not anticipate, however, was the return fire. By nightfall (the charge happened around 1400 hours, most of the peaceful protesters have fled, but a significant number of people lie dead or dying on the streets. The Pennsylvania avenue is filled with bodies. A tentative estimate states the death toll to be at least 150,000 – 200,000. The military is now entrenched in street fighting against the Antifa militia, with reinforcements pouring into the city. The militants are outmatched, and their numbers dwindle into the lower thousands, with thousands having surrendered, and many more lying dead.

    More Than Just A Riot

    This is the biggest, deadliest battle since the Battle of Berlin, 73 years ago. This is unprecedented. What’s more, footage of the fighting in and around the Capitol is now being displayed all over the world, and sympathy strikes have been called in New York, LA, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Huston, and many other American cities.

    Unfortunately, ‘sympathy strikes’ have a way of turning into riots. The military is now on its highest level of alert, with all of its reserve units called up to arms, as well as all police units activated. Millions of other citizens who live in rural America prepare to defend their towns from the Antifa mobs that will almost certainly come once the battle reaches them.

    By 9 AM (Eastern standard time), there is widespread rioting and fighting throughout America, concentrated in most of the urban areas. The military hopelessly outnumbered. The Joint Chiefs of Staff has taken command of the White House, and have ordered the military to attack all rioters. They can do so as all of Congress is dead. During the protest on Capitol hill which the media is now calling ‘Battle of the Capitol’, all of Congress is killed. The president watched the situation unfold just a short distance away, before tweeting to all his supporters:

    “Today is the most important day in US history. Rise against the Oppressors, destroy all opposition.”

    This was tweeted at around 2:00 AM, the day after the massacre. The capital is covered in blood, and the fighting will not subside for several days. Analysts have traced the tweet to Fort Knox, which remained loyal to the presidency. It was one of the few military establishments to do so.

    Most of the Democrat and the Republican establishment is dead, as the entire Capitol building was razed to the ground. Those that escaped found themselves surrounded by the Antifa, who quickly abandoned their dubious ‘liberal’ stance and beat the establishment politicians to the death. Most Democrat representatives, who were members of the Antifa, are spared. Some are misrecognized and are quickly treated to the very mob justice that they espoused. The Senate is all killed, and only two Senators who were on holiday on that day (both democrats) survive the attack.

    War Breaks Out

    Let’s get back to the present. Wall Street is shut down because there is a battle going on right on it. The Antifa have ransacked the exchange, with knock-off effects being felt as far as Shanghai and London. The war is now full-scale, with the death toll standing at 500,000 just 24 hours after the order to march from President. This is shaping up to be a deadly game. At this point, the military has all the weapons, but they are vastly outnumbered by the Antifa troops, who have begun organizing themselves into recognizable units. The military, desperate for help, call on gun-owning people from rural America to aid them in their battle against the Antifa movement.

    In any normal country, most people not directly affected by the rioting and protesting would have simply said ‘okay, and who won the football match last night?’ Indeed, that was the reaction of most. Of course, the massacre and the resulting battles have taken up the national spotlight, but still, most people in small-town America just go on with their lives. The stock market collapse and the destruction of many of their country’s largest cities haven’t affected them.


    However, America is divided. The elections in 2016 showed the disconnect between the city liberals and the rural conservatives. The Electoral College allowed the rural areas to win . . . that time. The rural dwellers (many owned guns) distrusted the ‘Enemy of the people’ and bought into the former president’s rhetoric. They are angry. Even though those angry enough to pick up their guns make up only a small percentage of the American populace, the said population is large enough that even a small percentage of radicals give us almost 14 million people who pledged their support to this unusual alliance between the military and its people.

    Millions heed the call, and by 24 January 2021, the country is at war with itself.

    San Francisco

    As the Antifa strongholds are mainly the larger cities on the periphery of the country, they quickly become isolated and besieged by hostile forces on all sides. By 18th February 2021, the Antifa has been surrounded by hundreds of thousands of soldiers, as well as many millions of militiamen. This was why the second amendment was created. The army refuses to launch a full attack on the Antifa bases, considering that most of the country’s wealth comes from those cities. Instead, they surround and starve them out. After 3 weeks, with dwindling food sources and an unfriendly population, most of the remaining Antifa units surrender. Their lack of training (most of their ‘experience’ comes from taking over-friendly cities), as well as a major cut-and-run attitude in their rank and file, lead to most of their ‘army’ to quickly surrender in the face of a determined enemy. Cutting off their water and electricity further pushed the Antifa to the brink of extinction.

    One major battle happens in San Francisco, where several hundred thousand Antifa soldiers and thousands of armored units retreated after the modern-day version of the ‘trail of tears’. They took with them massive amounts of food while fighting large rearguard actions to delay their retreat as long as possible. Many surrendered, but by the time the Antifa army is surrounded, it is demoralized but still potent. 1.2 million militants are holed up in the greater San Francisco bay area. The expected battle will be massive, likely to be on the level of Stalingrad or Moscow.

    American Stalingrad

    The army, along with their civilian allies moves quickly, as the Antifa is very well equipped, and furthermore, are battle-hardened (unlike their other allies). The survivors of the trail of tears have been fighting for many weeks, almost non-stop. No longer can one call them a group of ‘rag-tag snowflakes’ (Snowflakes was a common derogatory term used by the conservatives when describing the Antifa). If they were to launch a full-scale attack, they could easily retake all of California before reinforcements arrive, and crucially, they would be able to surround the 3rd Army based at Sacramento. The army moves in, and over the next few days, heavy fighting takes place. Because the army has numerical superiority, they can hold off the major counter-offensive that took place on the 29th of February. More crucially, they have air superiority, as most of the pilots sided with the army. The battle is now been given a new name: Antifa vs Constitutionals. By the 4th of March, the Antifa controls only S.F, Daly city, and Berkeley. Over 600,000 Antifa soldiers surrendered in the massive battle at Concord, and many more died. The Antifa is on the back foot in its stronghold. The remaining units surrender, leaving NYC as the last remaining Antifa stronghold.

    New York

    It’s estimated that as many as 700,000 well equipped Antifa soldiers are holed up in the five boroughs, and they have several hundred tanks, with enough food to last months. They also have large desalination plants (because this is fiction) and several nuclear power plants, which makes the ‘starving out. The army has to act, to restore a broken national prestige and to take back the economic powerhouse. Millions of soldiers and armed civilians alike gather around NYC, for one final push.

    After three weeks and 180,000 casualties later, the government forces have retaken all but the island of Manhattan. However, the Antifa is still a deadly force consisting of 350,000 soldiers, many of whom are now veterans in their own right, having faced off the full might of the U, Philadelphia, P, and of course, Washington DC (few DC veterans on the Antifa side survived, but they are considered to be amongst the best soldiers amongst their ranks). They are ready to fight to the death. The bridges into the city have been destroyed, but millions of civilians remain. The Antifa vows to fight to the death. This will never end well.

    The Fall Of Manhattan

    It is now the first of April. A fitting date for this battle. The Army pretended like it was going to launch a concentrated attack on Midtown, having massed troops in that area. Both sides face off, locked in an eternal embrace of death, in the same manner, that they have been for the past three months. However, there is a twist in store.

    At 2:00 AM, the Marines, in a shrewd move, capture a tunnel leading into the city. By 3:13, the Marines have taken most of Inwood, and crucially, have built an artificial bridge into the city, allowing heavy armor to move into the city.

    Over the next several hours, heavy battles are fought in what many would call the second ‘Battle of Berlin’. At midday, the toll stands at:

    700,000 dead US government troops, including numbers of its armed militia.
    400,000 civilians dead
    200,000 Antifa soldiers killed
    1,920 Army tanks destroyed (out of 3,000)
    450 Antifa tanks destroyed (out of 991)
    The casualties are massive. Yet both sides refuse to back down. The Americans have pushed to Upper Westside, but thousands of Antifa have been surrounded in Harlem. The casualties continue to mount, and the toll has been enormous. Over the next three days, all but 50,000 of the original 350,000 Antifa soldiers are left, mostly concentrated around Wall street. The Harlem pocket has been destroyed, with only 5,000 prisoners, inflicting massive casualties on both sides.

    By the 5th of April, the Antifa has retreated to the NYSE stock exchange, their numbers severely depleted. Thousands have been captured, with many more dead. Finally, the ‘Grand Council’ of the Antifa decide that enough is enough. They surrendered and decided that now was the time to rebuild. Most of their leaders are tried for war crimes and put in jails. At this point, America is broken.

    The Impact

    The death toll stands at 22 million, in the deadliest war since WW2. The battle of San Francisco, long considered the ‘turning point’ in the war, was the deadliest battle in human history, leaving 2.8 million dead. In three months, the US has destroyed itself, it’s the largest city is in flames. The two most important financial centers, as well as the capital, are no longer existent. The US government doesn’t exist anymore, with all of Congress dead. With no definable leader, the JCS take control of the country’s remaining resources and prepare to rebuild. The military is crippled, and this has had a massive effect on Iraq, Afghanistan, and many other countries. Afghanistan completely falls to the Taliban, while Iran and Saudi Arabia engage in a massive war over Iraqi territory, with no-one standing between them.

    Power Vaccum in the Middle East

    The Saudi-Persian war, as it came to be known, ended 3 years later. In that time, oil prices skyrocket, as Iran has blocked the straits of Hormuz. Russia’s economy undergoes massive expansion as it moves in to fill the gaps, mainly in India and China. China’s economy is taking blows due to the lack of consumers in America, but it rebounds once Europe starts having a greater need for exports from China, to fill in the shortage in America. China steps in to act as a ‘stabilizer’ in the Middle East. Chinese diplomacy kicks in, and the Saudi-Persian war comes to an end with a peace treaty, as well as independence for Kurdistan, who have come under relentless attack over the past 24 years. Since they are the most powerful entity in the land that was once known as Iraq, they take their independence.

    Filling in the Shoes

    But the biggest beneficiary of the warfare was India. It’s manufacturing capabilities take a boost, but more importantly, Bangalore becomes the new Silicon Valley. Due to the large numbers of engineers already found in the city, along with the infrastructure present for large-scale development, most of the large tech companies from the US relocated to Bangalore sometime around the 3rd of February. They bring with them massive resources, attracted to the low-cost market like moths to a flame. India, in the years since 2018, had been undergoing massive economic development and was now a force to be reckoned with. The companies come like a bear to honey and India blossoms. The large research labs that Apple, Google, Microsoft, and others bring in massive investment and the economy of India jumped to being the 2nd largest in the world, behind only China. The USA has fallen back to 12th place but will continue to move up, because most of its factories and agricultural heartland is intact.

    McCarson’s Story

    It’s a dark night. Alex McCarson stepped over the mangled remains of a tank. He walked into his house, before realizing that the base of the ‘bed’ he built had simply collapsed during the day. Sighing, he lifted the mattress off the base before getting down on his knees and started lifting the blocks of rock, putting them back into place. This was all good until the one candle in his house went out.

    The past two years have been hard on him, and most other New Yorkers. The government in Dallas has basically left NYC alone since that massive battle. After that short, but brutal war, most of the city was destroyed. No, sorry. All of the city was left destroyed. The city’s residents (those who are still left) live like people now live in Iraq. No, take that back. Worse than Iraq. At least the Iraqis (those that haven’t been incorporated into Kurdistan, Saudi Arabia or Iran) get plenty of Chinese aid (the Kurds get Indian aid, so all is well). The bulk of the residents left within the days after the battle, which isn’t surprising considering that there was nothing left for them. There is a police presence, but to the city’s residents, the vast majority of whom supported Anf, they are occupiers. Any army made up of Texans, Okies, and Dakotans will be seen as foreigners once they move past Baltimore.

    Alex’s stomach is as empty as his cupboard. He hasn’t ever done it before, but now he might be tempted. He hasn’t, after all, eaten in the past three days. He doesn’t want to do it – one of the first things his parents told him was that that was something like that must never be done. But he needs food. The food produced in the Great Plains never reaches the coastlines, except for those who declare loyalty to the regime in Texas.

    It’s two in the afternoon. Alex is sitting in the local police office. It’s the only building in the whole city that has any electricity. The policeman, a tall, muscular Texan, stands over him. Alex is numb, after what he did. After he got caught.

    Due process has had its day. The Texan is the judge, jury, and executioner.

    “You are sentenced to 50 years of hard labor for . . .”. Alex can’t take it. He knew he did a bad thing. But the sentence is brutal. He passes out like a sack of spuds. He knew that the hard labor sentences being given again. After all, there was a country to rebuild. But he never thought it might happen to him. He just wanted to die.

    While he was unconscious, Alex dreamt. He dreamt of a man. The same man. The one whose life was just as important as his. The man who is no longer on earth, the man who did nothing wrong. The man with the food tickets.

    That was his dream. When waking up, Alex sees the same man. He tries to reach out to him, to speak. To tell him he was sorry.

    The room comes back into focus. The same Texan is staring at him. Now he’s saying something. He’s asking him to wake up. No, he’s not asking. He’s ordering him. Alex is getting dragged to his feet. He doesn’t resist. Now they’re taking him into a van. He tries to move scratch his head, which was still hurting. But he can’t. His hands are stuck together, and the harder he tries, the more his hands hurt.

    The room is dark. Alex is lying on a bed. Wait, no. It’s dim, not dark. Then Alex remembers the previous day. The ‘trial’. His crime. Something he shouldn’t have done.

    There’s a man sitting in front of Alex. His face looks oddly similar, as though he had seen him somewhere. He’s speaking now. Alex recognizes the voice as well, but he can’t put a face to it. He knows he’s seen the man before. He’s heard his voice. But he doesn’t know who the man is. It’s something about the beard.

    As the room comes into focus, Alex gets a better look at the man. He has a long, flowing beard, and graying hair. His eyes have old wisdom in them, something he hasn’t seen in a long time. Orange flashes from the man, and everyone else in the prison, but a little piece of gray stands out in the sea of orange. On it is written 906384. Under it is a name. Richard A.

    “Hey man. Wake up. How’re you doing? The boys told me that you were in for a capital offense. I’m Dick. And you?” The man has a soothing tone to his voice, and that prompts Alex to open up, despite his discomfort.

    “Hey. I’m Alex. I know I did a bad thing, but let’s not talk about it. In any case, it seems you know more than enough.” Alex is down, so he wants to know about the man staring at him. “What did you do for this place?”. Alex’s curiosity, which was one the things his childhood teachers said was his strong point, was kicking in. He would never give up an opportunity to learn about his fellow man. It was, partly, what kept him alive in the years since the war.

    “I was here since before the war, armed robbery. Like you. Except I stopped at the robbery.” So that’s what he did. Of course, his was before the war. Before everyone’s life came crashing down. But that didn’t explain why this man, who called himself Dick, seemed so familiar.

    Little did Alex know that he would find out everything about Dick later this evening.

    Alex was finding out about the prison routine, and at 2 am, he was awake and chatting with Dick. The topics ranged from politics, crime, and of course, girls. Alex noted one thing: no matter what the topic was, Dick was very well-informed about the topic at hand. Unusual for a man convicted of armed robbery. But there are exceptions.

    Moments after they began talking about Dick’s fourth wife, there was a popping noise. For normal people, they might not know what this was, but for someone like Alex, who survived NYC, this was unmistakable. Alex rose with a start, but what surprised him more than the gunfire was what Dick said to him.

    “Dude, Dick, what’s going on?”

    “You wanna get out of here?”

    “Yo, dude, what are you talking about?”

    That question hung in the air unanswered because now there were four men grinding away at their cell door. In the dim prison light, Alex could easily tell that the men were wearing military uniforms and were carrying guns – he was very familiar with both. On their chest was the emblem of the bear – the white, blue and red tricolor. The baby-faced man in front of Alex and Dick stood and saluted the two men. Alex was confused. Why would the man salute Alex? He was of no specific significance.

    But the words out of the man’s mouth sent a chill down Alex’s spine.

    “Supreme Commander Anf! Welcome back. We shall be talking your comrade with us as well!” the baby-faced soldier shouted.

    “At ease, soldier,” was the response from the ‘armed robber’ that stood by Alex.

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