Could Australia contain a coronavirus outbreak?

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  1. Could Australia contain a coronavirus outbreak?


    Australia is an island surrounded by oceans, all we need to do to contain Corid-19 is prevent infected people in from overseas, and quarantine those already in the country.

    From recent media reports, if Australia followed the LNC emergency plan, we could seen the collapse of the Australian economy. It would be an over reaction, but it would minimise the spread of this particular virus.

    I’m a glass is half full person, so reject the panic of the glass is half empty crowd, Queensland University is doing animal trials on a vaccine, if that is successful then human trials begin, and if that is successful a combined flu vaccination will be developed and those with a deficient immune system, the aged will get free injections and the rest heavily subsidised availability. Crisis over until the next virus mtuation.

    To put things in perspective: the other day I looked up how many pandemics are currently circulating around the world, 16 were included in the WHO report. HIV-AIDS has dropped off the list and the measles epidemic effectiing many countries was excluded (probably because the epidemic has been caused by stupid parents not having their children immunised).

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