Could Germany contain a coronavirus outbreak?

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  1. Practically speaking the interest of containment of Corona virus as low lethality disease is motivated only if it has such a spread that a large part of the population will have the disease and many deaths or injuries will result thereof. If 50 million Germans or for that part any State citizenry get the disease and say 100.000 humans die then it is a disaster just because the virus spread so much and therefore cause death. The other reason is simply if the people is afraid, then the fear must be adressed. As a president once said “there is nothing to fear but fear itself” or something similar.

    On the other hand it can be questioned if it is possible to contain such disease. Most qualified doctors of medicine believe that the virus will become a natural part of our virus “biosphere” over time and that it is little to do about it except on the issue of hospital space doing like China and make sure there is space for everyone needing treatment at hospitals. It is the only good solution while attempting to minimize spread and fear through instruction etc.

    Germany will most likely ride out the Corona virus just like all other States on the Globe.

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