Could Spain contain a coronavirus outbreak?

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  1. Hmmm. Yes, and no.

    If I would have to place my bets, we would be good at managing a coronavirus outbreak, but not at containing it during its first stages nor avoiding it in the first place.

    Our state is quite efficient when it comes to healthcare. Our health officials are already on the case, and our scientific personnel have been fully mobilized, and are currently developing a fast diagnosis tool (able to check it out in less than 30 minutes), and cooperating with international associations in order to find a cure. I fully trust them.

    The problem is, as per usual, our government, meaning our politicians. Containing a coronavirus outbreak needs a heavy-handed approach and extremely unpopular measures for the common good of the country such as quarantines, and even worse, they would need to -gasp- override the sacred regional government’s sovereignty and even put different regions to cooperate with each other.

    Our politicians simply never do “unpopular” things nor give two craps about “the common good of the country”. Thus, no quarantines, no special measures, no nothing. We will deal with the virus once it has spread already and we need to avoid further deaths.

    If I would have to guess, until shit hits the fan, nothing will be done. Once we get to it, I believe that we will be quite efficient (we always shine the most when under pressure), I just hope that we get into “get shit done” mode sooner than usual.

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