Could the Philippines contain a coronavirus outbreak?

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    So far the number of persons infected by COVID-19 in the country is three. One Chinese male died and another Chinese lady who was tested earlier as negative of the virus and later turned positive is back in China. The first was that was tested positive for the virus and the wife of the one who died got well.

    The number of persons under investigation in the Philippines stand at around 600. Around 500 persons suspected of the virus were already discharged. Most persons infected from COVID-19 are from the cruise ship now stand at 80 and few in other countries such as Singapore, Hongkong and Dubai. Those infected in the cruise ship were left on board for further treatment. Those Filipinos infected in other countries were being treated well so far and can be repatriated once they are cured.

    Those who were not infected in the cruise ship are identified as Person Under Investigation (PUI) and are being repatriated to the Philippines and will be handled with utmost precautions. They will be quarantine at New Clark City. The staff that will take them from Japan including flight crew were trained to handle the possible infected persons. They will be quarantined for 14 days at the New Clark City buildings isolated from community.

    There are periodic update by DOH on the status of COVID-19 and further precautionary measures. DOH is closely in touch with WHO on further instructions. There is significant improvement in the system of tracking person under investigations.

    PH DOH has put in place quarantine areas in most public and LGU hospitals and clinics. I have seen notice and on most malls and restaurants for staff to wear mask.

    Yes. Philippines is handling the corona virus outbreak pretty well.

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