Could the US contain a coronavirus outbreak?

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  1. No, they cannot. We don’t have a legitimate or lawful government in Washington capable of doing their job, and state governments, while well-intentioned, don’t have the resources to do this.

    Now that it’s clear the virus is also airborne and appearing around the world, and given the very poor funding for health care for many millions of Americans, expect the number of people with coronavirus in the US to skyrocket as in Italy, China, Japan, Iran, South Korea, etc etc.

    The following is not related to the question, but to some of the stuff we see on line; Can we stop the stupid conspiracy theories about this Virus epidemic? We don’t need rants in Quora and local newspaper comment sections saying China is somehow doing this on purpose. The entire world watches what Americans write and I’d like to see Americans not continue embarrassing those of us who are sane.

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