What is your country’s favourite sport?

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What is your country’s favourite sport?

Muhammad Zeeshan
- Aug 02, 2019 01:25 PM

Actually Kyrgyz people are nomad. And we have many sport games, but the most favourite is called “Kok-Boru”.

Let’s talk about Kok-Boru.

This sport is very similar with football or basketball.

There are two teams in one field, and each team has 12 players and their horses ( Yes, yes it is written horses) . Hence there are 24 people on their horses in one field. And instead of ball like in football and basketball there is sheep’s carcase. The field is decided into two parts, and in the end of each part, there is something like cauldron (gate), to put sheep’s carcase. As you understood I quess, the goal is to take sheep’s carcase and put it into enemy team’s gate(cauldron) .

Actually we are now the best in the world in this sport. We are in Kok-Boru like Brazil in football.

Let me show some pictures of the game.

As you can see on these pictures, it is really hard to play this game. It requires really good preparation.

People from Kazakhstan are doing festival of Kok-Boru. And team from Kyrgyzstan is participating there.

Let me show you results of my team:

KYRGYZSTAN 4:0 Mongolia

KYRGYZSTAN 11:2 Uzebekistan

KYRGYZSTAN 15:2 Tajikistan


This are results, the most strong USA I guess.

Tomorrow it’s going to be final match of this competition with fight of Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor.

I hope our team will win and best fighter will beat.


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