Delhi gets its first Coronavirus, how big concern can it be?

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  1. I have not been to Delhi, so I can only speculate based on the little I know. As I understand, Delhi has a very large population concentrated in a small area. Since the disease is spread by aerosol from sneezes and by contact, the conditions for rapid spread are good. If a large portion of the population does not or cannot practice good personal hygiene such as covering sneezes and frequently washing hands with soap and water, the conditions for an epidemic are ideal.

    I think upper and middle class citizens would be capable of taking protective measures and getting access to medical care. However, if Delhi still has large slums where there is extreme poverty and poor sanitation, those areas are very vulnerable. Since poor overall health is also associated with extreme poverty, the mortality rate in those areas would also be higher than we have seen so far. Let’s hope my speculation remains unproven.

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