Despite all the challenges they have, how does KFC manage to keep its ‘secret recipe’ a secret?

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  1. Originally Answered: How does KFC manage to keep its ‘secret recipe’ a secret?
    Actually, it’s not as widely known as you might think.

    A copy resides in a secure vault at KFC headquarters, just in case of disaster…but, for ordinary operations…

    There are two separate spice mixing companies that each produce half of the “secret recipe” spice mix. These two products are then combined together at the store to bread the chicken. Each of these companies’ contracts are managed by separate KFC employees, so at most, anyone could only come up with half of the recipe.

    Store employees have no clue what’s in the mix, they just open bag of “secret recipe part A” and bag of “Secret recipe part B” and combine, then dredge, fry, and serve.

    There are a small number of highest level KFC C-Level employees (2, IIRC, it might be three) who know the whole recipe, but they aren’t talking.

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